Happy Reading!
Happy Reading!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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Minnesota, USA – November 4, 2011 – With a collection of free Amazon Kindle e-books that can be found and the soon-to-be library lending program, the announcement from Amazon on it allowing its members with Prime membership comes as a surprise. If the lower price for movies for this membership wasn’t enough to capture more subscriptions, it is opening up to another audience who could help its Prime flourish –plus keep current members happy. However, it is restricted to one book a month; if you read fast, this may just be a bonus book for the month. But for those of us who do not get to read as much, it gives enough time for us to complete it –even though there is no due dates, so we could keep it until it’s finished.

An important fact to remember about this ‘free book’ a month is that the book must be ‘returned’ before the next one can be borrowed for free the next month. Perhaps this is Amazon’s way of trying to reward those who can read a book per month. The month of November is Author month, so we should have expected this. Now that Amazon is expected to release many books from authors it found, it can give its members, who have Kindles, the incentive to ‘borrow’ these books or any other titles that are best sellers from the past and present.

The new Kindles are set to launch this month –including the mini tablet known as the Fire. The Fire users can watch movies and read books; perhaps Amazon is trying to get its movie and e-book users to experiment on the ‘other side’ of the fence for a while by offering a bonus for the Prime membership.

If interested in the Prime membership, it is only $79 per year; undoubtedly it is heating up the competition in the movie and e-book market. The price is even low for just offering movies, but this membership now includes the free book rental per month, along with the ‘free 2-day shipping’ option for regular online purchases. Amazon knows how to light our ‘Fire’ and it is prepared to start its own with its Fire and Prime services.

Amazon’s site is buzzing with new accessories and services for its Kindles; the variety of cases/covers, sleeves, stylus pens, and much more are adding to the hype. You must take a look for yourself –especially if you already ordered the Fire/Kindle 3G or Wifi or plan to order them.

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