The 21st Century Way of Learning
The 21st Century Way of Learning
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1. SCU, that combined an off-line & on-line edge. 2. MOU conclusion with Stockholm Univ. regarding mutual exchange. 3. In SCU education, professor and student interact as if sitting face to face.
Seoul Cyber University (, is opening a new chapter of Internet education that transcends both time and space. Dr. Jae-suk Lee, president of Seoul Cyber University (SCU), stressed in an interview with The Korea IT Times that "SCU is drawing students by providing them with educational services of a new dimension, for instance, by complementing off-line lectures with the highest quality on-line education." The University lays particular emphasis on human contact in the belief that it is important in university life, even in a University based on cyber education. As part of such efforts, the University is encouraging contacts between students and professors by offering students opportunities for practical training. Dr. Lee said also that SCU has an "edge" in terms of educational content compared with similar cyber universities now operating in Korea. SCU's strong points includes "Croma" lectures in which the professor and student interact as if sitting face to face; VR lectures that use a virtual reality language model; and a case analysis-oriented Web lecture based on animation. Combining an off-line & on-line edge University president Lee notes that knowledge is developing at high speed and is fast changing modern society. For this reason, he insists cyber education has the edge on its off-line counterpart in regard to educational contents, which are subject to rapid change. To cite an instance, on-line education can be more up-to-the-minute than off-line education in advanced knowledge instruction, which is developed abroad. Mr. Lee emphasizes it is difficult to undertake advanced education without internationalizing its content, adding SCU is doing its utmost to internationalize the level of its education through exchanges with prestigious world-class universities. SCU signed a memorandum of understanding with Stockholm University Nov. 23 2004 on academic exchange and cooperation. Accordingly, the two universities are developing joint lecture contents in concert and SCU is offering its students the opportunity to take courses from Stockholm University. In addition, the two universities plan to carry out a project that conducts research on the welfare systems of Korea and various European countries. Meanwhile, SCU will operate a combined on-line/off-line course on social welfare theory and practices for Stockholm University students. Furthermore, Dr. Lee states that from this year, SCU will emphasize the development of research by gradual expansion of graduate school education as a mid- to long-term project. The University will drive this project with a view to establishing its general graduate school in 2006. Prior to this, SCU will launch a MBA course in the September of this year. Good feedback on graduates capabilities
Dr. Jae-suk Lee, president of Seoul Cyber University (SCU),
As the University's four faculties of demonstrate, SCU attaches importance to practical education. Pointing out the a host of conventional universities cannot produce the talent that companies needs, Dr. Lee explains cyber universities can fill this gap, saying SCU devotes a great deal of effort to developing the type of content that the current era demands. He said it is important that the University upgrades its educational contents every two years. Thanks to SCU's efforts to enhance the practical side of education, the University's graduates receive high approval from all sectors of business. In late January, this year, some 702 students graduated from SCU, the largest number of graduates among domestic cyber universitys, proof, says Dr. Lee, of the superiority of SCU's educational content. What's more, SCU is equipped with an ultra-modern intelligent campus that enables both on-line and off-line education including an international conference room, a special lecture room, seminar room, state-of-the-art multimedia room, and electronic library. At present, SCU can claim a greater number of academics on staff than any other domestic cyber university, and the University's content development project has been rated the highest among all those supported by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in 2003 and 2004. In regard to the developmental direction of entire cyber universities, Dr. Lee asserts that advanced education cannot be realized without improvement in educational content for cyber universities. In that regard, SCU will do its utmost to allow the entire nation to receive education by providing good quality contents, Dr. Lee concluded.

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