Will Your Next 'Upgrade' Not Be a Tablet?
Will Your Next 'Upgrade' Not Be a Tablet?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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Minnesota, USA –November 9, 2011 – Undoubtedly, the biggest trend in the electronics market is the tablet; even though the top manufacturers –Apple, Samsung, and other famous companies – are producing many versions and advancing the tablet, predictions are that the focus will be taken away and put back on the laptop –the “Ultrabook”. Before the tablet took center stage, laptops increasingly became thinner and more powerful than ever. What could possibly put our attention back to them The uniqueness, the functionality, and growing need for change!

Years ago –before the iPad or any tablet was released – I discovered a laptop that I thought was ‘extraordinary’; the keyboard could be flipped around so that a stylus could be used on just the screen. Perhaps HP had the same idea as Apple, but Apple was the first to run off with it. However, the tablet and laptop-in-one may be the better idea once consumers become bored with it or no longer see the novelty in it.

Intel came up with the term “Ultrabook” to describe the laptop that measure in at less than 1.8 millimeters, Wi-Fi connectivity, minimum of 5 hours active battery life, and the Intel Rapid Start Technology –this allows for a quick startup. In general, many ‘thin’ laptops would not meet the standards to be considered an “Ultrabook”; however, Intel predicts that it could account for 40% of laptop sales by 2014 – it only accounts for approximately 2% right now.

Perhaps the laptop of the future will be super thin, sleek, and multi-functional –use it as a tablet, laptop, or the way you would other devices. Personally, I would like to see the keyboard flip around and entirely work as a tablet that way –if we do not set it down on anything and press on it, we would not need to worry about the keyboard. As cool as tablets can seem, I also still need to have a laptop –the touch screen is too difficult to use for writing papers, notes, or much of anything.

If you had your eyes set on the iPad or Galaxy Tab, consider waiting for a while to see if any Ultrabooks hit the market that would satisfy your needs beyond what these tablets can!

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