Jump Back Onboard with Spotify
Jump Back Onboard with Spotify
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.11.11 05:07
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Minnesota, USA –November 10, 2011 – Spotify gained popularity in the U.S. quickly after teaming up with Facebook to provide live news feeds of the users’ music; unfortunately, not all the Spotify users wanted to broadcast their music, so some choose to stop using it and others choose to not even start –after seeing friends’ music stream in the ‘live’ updates. But do not give up on Spotify too quickly because there is a way to ‘reverse’ the accidental broadcast agreement – like most of us, you probably clicked ‘yes’ without looking to see what you clicked and why.

Spotify understands that its users can change their minds, so you can easily change your broadcasting preferences by clicking on the Edit menu, press ‘preferences’, then scroll down to the headline “Facebook” and click “Disconnect from Facebook.” Fortunately, you can always reverse your decision if you decide that you’d like to share a few specific songs with you friends. Sometimes we do not want to share everything or our listening becomes excessive and we would rather not bombard our friends with the lists, but for the times we want to share special songs it is a good tool to have.

Just like real life, there are times where we need to ‘connect’ and ‘disconnect’ with others. There are details I want to share with only my closest friends. Although Spotify does not have this option yet, it is likely that it should introduce this option since many online companies are beginning to give users more control. If we want to filter who sees what, we should be able to do that. Facebook and Spotify realize this so the appropriate solution should be on its way!

Although I admit that I stopped using Spotify for a while –not due to dislike, but rather the lack of time. However, I realized the many benefits to it –whether I’m connected to Facebook or not. The most obvious perk is seeing full playlists of songs that my friends like –perhaps I could expand my tastes in music; in addition, I could remember songs that I forgot to put in my playlist. After all, no one is able to complete a song collection – there is always songs missing.

Spotify allows its users to channel what they see as updates; you do not need to give or receive automatic new playlists if you do not want. In addition, you do not need to post your top tracks or artists; what you show others is up to you for the most part. In the future, it is likely that there will be even more preferences for you to choose. Jump on board with Spotify or jump back in before it gets too late!

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