Amazon, We Want A Kindle Phone!
Amazon, We Want A Kindle Phone!
  • Natasha Willhite
  • 승인 2011.11.15 22:33
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Minnesota, USA –November 15, 2011 – Amazon is dipping into nearly every aspect of life: movies, books, e-readers, music, e-storage, and much more. Yet, it still has not ‘considered’ (at least not publicly) an android phone –but why not With the release of the Amazon Fire soon, all of the desired necessities –that could compete with the iPhone – could easily come directly from this tablet. After all, there will be apps and much more that could easily work with the Fire and also a smaller version –the phone. Perhaps we are dreaming too much, but it is possible that Amazon may choose to open itself up to the phone and service business.

Imagine that you are able to buy a phone that is as useful as the iPhone, but it does not carry the high price tag; in addition, the cell phone service is simple –use your current carrier or switch over to the ‘Amazon’ service, which customizes its plans to meet your needs. Again, we are not mind readers or fortune tellers, but the prospect of having an Amazon phone and service is overwhelming; I can only imagine the amount of shopping and other activities I would do on the phone –obviously on Amazon’s site as well.

Even though we are still waiting for the arrival of the Amazon Fire, I can already imagine it in my hands; along with the phone that still is not in existence. Amazon could easily size down its Fire tablet and give it the necessary ‘phone’ features. Perhaps Amazon does not realize the success it could have in the phone market or it is too busy in the other ‘new’ areas.

If the Amazon phone debuts, we could only expect it to have a clear and clutter-free interface, and please the eyes of consumers; a wonderful device with great service –what could be better

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