Relationship Went Bad? Perhaps You Broke Up Via Social Networking
Relationship Went Bad? Perhaps You Broke Up Via Social Networking
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.11.17 10:12
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Minnesota, USA –November 16, 2011 – According to a survey by Lab42, a company which uniquely conducts research through social networks, 1/3 of people break up with their partners via social network, text, or other electronic means; this shows the growing importance of technology, social recognition, and acceptance by others. But it is not ‘face-to-face’ interaction that is important, rather the exchanges on the networks that are seen by others whether it is the social status updates or random posts suggesting breakup; in addition, the growing ‘normalcy’ of breaking up with others without face-to-face or even voice-to-voice conversations.

We all see it: the glowing faces of a couple on Facebook photos and cute comments all over the wall. Then one day, the pictures are gone and there is an update of “went from a relationship to single” within the news feed. Perhaps the whole story is not actually on the page, but do you ever wonder ‘how’ the broke up happened Often times, the change may be the first ‘update’ for the actual partner –talk about an unpleasant surprise.

Yet, this is what people need to do to make everything ‘official’; in order for a relationship to be over, others need to recognize it as being over. Since friends and family do not recognize relationships as being ‘real relationships’ unless there’s photos and ‘in a relationship with _____’ included, it almost makes sense to dissolve the relationship by working in the opposite way; at least that is the impression we get from this growing trend.

Like this trend, more people are turning to electronic communication to set up dates – 58% of people in the survey to be exact! Obviously we communicate much more electronically, but that is not the only activity we do; we also take the time to learn about others, track their thoughts and habits, and we also do extensive research before we ‘trust’ others. But is that enough

We turn to technology in happy, sad, and exciting situations; but does this mean that we are losing our ability to ‘communicate’ face-to-face If you ever had someone break up with you via social networking, you would probably say ‘yes’ because communication should be two-way – not ‘learning’ and ‘accepting’.

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