Hit by Spam on Facebook?
Hit by Spam on Facebook?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.11.18 10:03
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Minnesota, USA –November 17, 2011 – Like many Facebook users, it is likely that you received spam messages; sadly, some users found out the hard way by clicking on the video –graphic in nature – to discover that it was spam. In the past, most spam videos displayed on walls but somehow someone managed to find a way to hit inboxes. Facebook claims that the situation is under control and the sources of the spam have been targeted. However, Facebook still wants its users to remain vigilant. Remember that you should not click on any video if you are unsure of its contents or it looks suspicious. In addition, always report it by clicking on the ‘report’ button so that Facebook can promptly respond!

Just as many, I received a spam message from a friend; it said, “Poor lady gaga lol nice video.” Luckily, the message and contents instantly did not match up with my friend’s personality; obviously it was a fake – it contained the phrases that typically are used to entice people to view it. Now when I look back in private messages with this friend, it shows that the image cannot be displayed. Basically, Facebook is solving the problem and understands the importance of keeping its users inboxes clean –anyone can accidentally hit items when scrolling through messages.

Facebook wants its users to be watchful of content on others’ walls and to click ‘report’ whenever anything seems to be a lure to entice others to click on it –like a deal too good to be true or a video with seemingly ‘shocking’ content. Also be cautious when scrolling in order to avoid clicking on any of content on accident; everyone does this from time to time and it is best to be extra careful when using social networks.

As secure as Facebook tries to be, there will always be ‘holes’ found by spammers; although, it only accounts for 4% of the activity on Facebook – there is not as much as it sometimes seems to be. Try to enjoy your Facebook page while remaining vigilant as Facebook suggests!

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