Nuga Medical: Moxibustion-Acupressure-Thermal Spine treatments combined
Nuga Medical: Moxibustion-Acupressure-Thermal Spine treatments combined
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NM-5000P, Nuga Medical Co., Ltd

WONJU, KOREA --- NM-5000P manufactured by the Medical equipment specialized company, Nuga Medical Co., Ltd., (Chairman Cho, Syung-Hyun, is receiving a great attention since it combines the advantages of Oriental medicine and Western medicine such as moxibustion, acupressure, thermal spine treatment, and low frequency wave. 

NM-5000P includes the Tourmanium internal projector and low-frequency pad to stimulate the entire body, relieve muscle pain. 

The Tourmanium internal projector is designed ergonomically so that it moves smoothly along the spine curve, and provides excellent aid in muscular relaxation and fatigue recovery with acupressure, massage, and moxibustion in spine, nearby meridian system, and the entire muscles. 

Special heating auxiliary mat also applies Tourmanium ceramic to increase thermal function and far-infrared ray emission effect. In addition, its far infrared ray thermal function is used to massage spine, muscle, and nerve, and the low frequency wave is effective in muscular pain relief. 

This product was designed ergonomically for anyone to use conveniently, and it is efficient in that two people can use different functionality at the same time. The flower pattern on the product brings life to the mood of the space, and the fresh green color is used for sense of stability so that it is outstanding from the design perspective. 

Sourece: Korea News Wire

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