Be Vigilant During Holiday Shopping
Be Vigilant During Holiday Shopping
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.11.22 05:58
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Minnesota, USA --- The Holidays are approaching (whether you’re celebrating it in the United States or South Korea); either way, it is likely that you’ll be immersed in crowds at stores or on the streets as families and couples partake in the ‘regular’ activities. However, this year differs from the previous years as thieves are becoming smarter than ever before. Now you must watch your back, purse, and all of your belongings in order to ensure that no one will steal your Android phone, credit/debit card information, or anything else of value.

Perhaps you’re an iPhone owner who laughs and proclaims, “I have the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, so I’ll be fine.” On the contrary, thieves know to take out the SIM card so that there’s no way for the network to find it. In addition, some thieves even put the phones directly into a box which would block anything from being able to detect it –even the police would not pick up the electromagnetic waves from the phone. When thieves know that no one could be searching for it anymore, they simply take the phones out of the boxes and break into the phone if there’s a password; the next steps that are taken are obvious.

Indeed, no matter where we are in the world, we are dependent on our phones; but remember that someone could be using his or her phone to capture valuable information like your credit card number or your PIN number. We all do this: when we are at the checkout, we take out our phone to pass the time. Yet, did you stop to think that someone behind you while you’re checking out may actually be taking a picture of your card or recording the PIN number so that he or she can use it after swiping it from your purse Remember that it’s important to hide your PIN number –by covering the pad – and keeping the card turned away from the people behind you.

I do not mean to scare you about the upcoming holidays; in fact, you should always be diligent when out in public. It is time to get prepared for the holidays; when Christmas comes, it is likely that you’re either on the busy Korean streets with your honey or inside your home with your family in the United States. Remember that when preparing for the holidays or enjoying the holidays, you must protect yourself and your belongings!

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