Do Porn Websites Need the '.xxx' Domain?
Do Porn Websites Need the '.xxx' Domain?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.12.07 10:02
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Minnesota, USA –December 6, 2011 – After years of debate on whether a new domain should be created for pornographic websites, it arrived and anyone can purchase it for only $USD 60. Yet, there is still speculation on if it is a wise decision to segregate this from the rest of the internet sites. Some proclaim that it would encourage people to make pornographic content while others believe that it would label it as ‘bad’ or ‘inappropriate’; in addition, some opposing people say that it would require businesses to purchase the domain to avoid anyone making inappropriate content under their companies’ names.

As people and businesses, we do what we can to keep a good reputation; we maintain good relations with people, strive to obtain our goals, and keep a clean record. Just like us, pornographic companies are also striving for a ‘good reputation’. Although it may not be in the same terms, it works to keep malware to a minimum – sites like this are known to spread bugs. Under the ‘.xxx’ domain, it could run spyware and prevent the massive spread of malware for the pornographic users. However, it could also single these companies out and cause their users embarrassment.

What is important to remember about the new domain is that it does not require pornographic sites to purchase them; if a porn company decides that it will stay with the ‘.com’ domain, it can do that; however, it is highly unlikely because someone else may use the name and the company does not want others to make money off of impersonating it – this will be a problem for companies of every type, so businesses will need to fork out some cash to protect themselves. Does this mean that this change is merely a way for someone to generate a profit

With all the opposition, it is difficult to discover the perks of the ‘.xxx’ domain. As internet users, we can easily decipher whether a website in a search engine is worth visiting; if we are not searching for porn, we will know not to click the results that display ‘.xxx’. In addition, we could easily filter our results that could automatically take the ‘.xxx’ results out. Yet, we would need to assume that all pornographic websites have this domain –if they do not, we could still run into situations where we accidentally enter a pornographic website.

Anyone can easily purchase the ‘.xxx’ domain at the low price; does this mean that there will be a ‘boom’ in purchases or will it disappear as fast as it came The answer will be seen in the coming years.

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