Are Shooter Games Becoming too Real?
Are Shooter Games Becoming too Real?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.12.15 09:56
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Minnesota, USA –December 14, 2011 – We heard both sides of the story for shooter games; some say that ‘normal’ individuals who play will not act violently in real life while others say that it desensitizes individuals so they are more likely to do these activities in life. Perhaps it is a combination of both arguments, but it is likely that both sides would agree that there is a line that should not be crossed when it comes to these games;  PCMag reports that an Amsterdam-based ad agency is using Google’s Street View –with images of real people – to develop a new ‘shooter game’. Is this too real for both young and old people to experience It is different to see an animated image get shot than a person with a distinguished face, who is a live individual.

Years ago we were content playing video games that consisted of characters that were less defined than the cartoons on TV; now, we need everything to be more ‘real’ whether it is our fast action video games or 3D movie viewings. Although the definition and precision of movies and video games can be remarkable, it can take the ‘horrifying’ situations and make them even more gruesome. Can we possibly expose this situation to individuals all around the world We cannot say that it would ‘change’ individuals or encourage anyone to turn this video game into a ‘real life’ game, but we can say that someone went too far and needs to put an end to it.

In technology, we get a thrill from seeing advancement of any kind; obviously visual effects are becoming better. Yet, this ad company reaches for Google Street View rather than developing a game by itself. Undoubtedly it will add the gruesome bloody explosions and such, but it is adding it to a real individual. Can anyone imagine seeing his or her face in a game and watching it explode after a gun shoots it

This company is taking a risk in creating a video game that uses images of people from Google; obviously Google did not get into trouble with people because it did not use images in a violent manner. It is unbelievable that red flags did not go up in the makers’ minds when it is obvious that there would be lawsuits for using images of people. After all, who wants to be the ‘practice target’ for the next crazy guy who goes on a shooting rampage

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