Forced 'Automatic Update'?
Forced 'Automatic Update'?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.12.16 06:20
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Minnesota, USA –December 15, 2011 – News hit that Microsoft plans to implement automatic updates for all of its users of Internet Explorer (IE); it would not seek users’ approval or even notify them as to the automatic updates starting in January. Some users may be upset that they lost ‘control’ when it is not as big of a deal as it seems. For example, for a few years Google’s Chrome internet browser automatically updated its users’ browser; it ran in the background and the user would not even be prompted on when it was happening. Microsoft explains its decision as wise because it would make the internet security even better than before since browsers are up-to-date. Is this our future Companies control when we update

Quite frankly, it is annoying when a box pops up to ask for an update; after all, I do not want to stop to take the time for it to reload before I can work on my business. In addition, the pop-up can get annoying enough where I will do the update so that I do not need to see the box ever again –at least until the next version of the browser debuts. Instead of being a nuisance, internet browsers could provide better service by not prompting users at all. Even though it is taking control out of the users’ hands, it may be in our best interests to leave it up to these companies to provide safe and optimal service. For once, we give a ‘thumbs up’ for company control – it is less work for the users this way.

Even though the new internet browsers may have glitches, the security is of main importance. Perhaps you never experienced a virus, Trojan, or other horrible ‘computer bug’ that crashes your computer, but maybe you keep your computer up-to-date on security software and internet browsers; if you do not update and didn’t experience a problem, consider yourself to be extremely lucky. These ‘bugs’ do not come in obvious e-mail attachments and the-like, so anyone is prone to computer infection; the ‘smart internet users’ are not exempt from this experience.

As much as it seems that internet users are slowly losing control, some situations require it to do so; in order to keep up with the latest bugs and stop them from spreading, we need to ensure that all users’ computer browsers are aware of these bugs so that they can kill them before it takes over the computer and spreads elsewhere.

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