Is the Kindle the Next 'Must-Have' Device?
Is the Kindle the Next 'Must-Have' Device?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.12.16 23:15
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Minnesota, USA –December 16, 2011 – Amazon announced on Thursday that for the past few weeks it has been selling 1 million Kindles per week; the specific details were not mentioned, but the fact is obvious: everyone wants one of these small devices and it will eventually lead to more material created for them. As a Kindle user for the past 2 years, I found the upside and downside of having a Kindle; it is an ultra-portable way to carry books, however, not all books are offered in this ‘e-book’ format, so I cannot make use of it all the time as I would wish.

Yet, books are not the only thing to consider here; obviously a large quantity of Kindle Fire –the tablet – were sold; this would mean that movies, apps, and other materials should also increase to meet the growing demand from the public. Even with my older generation of Kindle, I access the web and expect games and other materials to be available. Amazon must keep up with our demands by increasing the number of apps available on the Fire, creating new games and accessories for all versions of the Kindle, and finding new possibilities for our tiny devices.

Although people still ask me, “what is that” when they see my Kindle, it is likely that this tiny device will be a ‘everyday’ device in the future; perhaps the version will change and resemble the functionality of the tablet –such as the Fire does. The ‘Kindle’ – e-reader/mini tablet – trend may follow the TV trend of the past; first it was a novelty to own a TV, but then slowly it was normal for every household to have several TVs. Maybe someday every person in a household will have this tiny device –sadly it does not mean that more people will be reading.

As a book lover and knowledge seeker, I need to have instant access to as many books as possible; with the Kindle, I do not need to go to a store or order a book online and wait to read it. However, the selection is still limited even though the Kindle has been around for years. I can search nearly any topic and pages of results will appear; this even happens with textbooks although the selection is still not up to my standards – sadly none of my graduate study books are available in e-book format.

Is the Kindle the ‘must-have’ device of the future for students, children, parents, and teachers It was designed with the student in mind, so only the future can tell!

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