Semimaterials: Harnessing Solar Energy
Semimaterials: Harnessing Solar Energy
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Since Semimaterials was founded in 2000, the company has experienced glowing growth in the solar industry. Semimaterials' strategy of focusing on equipment and core materials has been successful and has contributed to helping the company grow into a leader in the industry. As a result of its efforts, the company received Korea's prestigious Silver Tower of Industrial Order and the USD70 Million Export Tower awards.

Semimaterials deals with two categories of solar products -- CVD reactor for poly-silicon production and mono-crystalline silicon ingot grower in equipments and 8” mono-crystalline silicon ingot and SiC coated graphite parts for core materials. Assembly lines for equipment and production lines for SiC coated graphite parts are located in Youngcheon, South Korea. Mono-crystalline silicon ingot and water production facility (60MW capacity) is located in Suzhou, China. At this facility, the company has developed its own technology on growing two-meter-long ingots with 180kg charge.

Based on the know-how and technology accumulated from experience in working in the solar industry, Semimaterials has launched a LED business unit for future growth. In Gyeongsan, its Epi/chip production facility focuses on high-power and high-efficiency LED chips. As the LED market is expanding, the company recently acquired First Lighting Co. and has achieved vertical integration. Through technological prowess and continuous development, Semimaterials' LED business, accompanied by its solar division, will position the company as a green energy business leader.      

Semimaterials invests in energy-saving facilities on behalf of individuals or organizations and receives return on investment from energy saving. When customers want to replace existing facilities with more energy-efficient facilities, Semimaterials assists them in reducing technical and economical burdens by assessing energy usage.

The Semimaterials' research and development center was created in 2006 and has been played a key role in developing core technologies for the company. Striving for differentiation and passion in its endeavors, Semimaterials has consistently made efforts to strengthen the abilities of its R&D center through aggressive investment. As a result, Semimaterials' R&D center has successfully built a pilot for play-silicon production that is able to provide advanced and improved equipment and processes.

The organization of Semimaterials' R&D center is well structured to accomplish its tasks of equipment development, process development and new product launches. In equipment, the company is focusing on developing advanced mono-crystalline silicon ingot growers and high efficiency CVD reactors, in order to contribute to over-fulfillment of grid-parity. In process development, SiC CVd, the R&D center is working on thin wafering and materials recycling such as silicon and graphite. 

Semimaterials has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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