What's Next for N Korea?
What's Next for N Korea?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.12.26 23:52
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Minnesota, USA –December 26, 2011 – Since the death of Kim Jong Il –leader of N Korea – there is a question mark that hangs above the heads of many; what will happen to N Korea and what can we expect for the future of the people there For several years there was discussion around the world –starting in S Korea – about who was the successor and what would happen in the years following the death of Jong Il; although the discussion sparked outrage in S Korea, the predictions are useful for the present time.

Currently, the U.S. Government is most concerned about stabilizing N Korea; however, it would not take an active role in it, but rather watch it and hope that it happens. Since Barack Obama took office, the U.S. silently watches and ensures that it does not cause any uproar or further development of nuclear weapons. We cannot say if this strategy is working, but the hope is that the new leader –Jong Il’s youngest son, Jong Un – will bring a new, young life to N Korea. Perhaps there can be happiness in this isolated portion of the world.

Years ago Hilary Clinton made a comment that even if a leader comes into power without a struggle, it is likely that the leader would show his power by being far more provocative than Kim Jong Il. This prediction is what keeps everyone in the world on edge; is it possible for the N Korean people to endure more suffering in their lives Could this be the fear that is driving the people into mourning of Jong Il’s passing After all, everything may be awful, but the thought of it getting worse could drive people into complete depression or madness.

Another prediction floating around is that there would be a power struggle between Kim Jong Un and the elite of N Korea. Although this has not happened yet, we cannot rule it out as a possibility. It is possible that the conflict and struggle would occur several weeks up to several months after Jong Il’s passing. Could we expect there to be dramatic change in N Korea Could the living conditions worsen for these poor people

For those who cannot see a positive outcome for the N Korea situation, the best scenario is that the living remains the same; perhaps N Korea would not develop as many nuclear weapons and it would not cause further suffering of its people as well. If it is not a ‘happy ending’ at least it is consolation for the N Koreans.

The successor, Kim Jong Un, could be considered ‘fresh’ since he is in his 20’s. Could this young leader have another prospective strategy that could make better lives for the N Koreans

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