Are "Peace Talks" a Waste of Time?
Are "Peace Talks" a Waste of Time?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.12.29 21:12
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Minnesota, USA –December 29, 2011 – Of all the ‘peace talks’ held around the world –particularly in the Asia region – it appears that there is more ‘talking’ than action to follow; the phrase “actions speak louder than words” rings in our ears. Any person, group, or nation could say it will follow through with the agreement, but does it ever happen If it happened, then there would not be ‘off-and-on’ battles between South and North Korea; in addition, there would not be countries ‘teaming up’ with other countries –such as China and North Korea –and giving them additional help that it does not give other countries. There could be a lot of arguments regarding this, but it’s time for countries to SHOW they are working with other countries rather than simply speaking to each other for a day.

Perhaps it takes more to impress me, but most would probably agree that this situation is ridiculous; why spend the money to gather if there is not dedicated intention to keep promises and fulfill every agreement Honestly, the back-and-forth relationship between countries only happens because countries do not know how to compromise. Has no one in politics read the book, “Getting to Yes” or a similar book in the native language the politicians speak


“Getting to Yes” brings up the key points of bargaining that most of us fail to use in our daily lives; even politicians do not use them. It’s important to remember to consider the opposite side’s interests. For instance, “Getting to Yes” featured an example of an orange –or some fruit – and siblings fought over the entire fruit and ultimately failed to get what they wanted because they would not compromise; one needed the peel while the other needed the inside. If both sides communicated, they would realize that the interest is not the whole fruit, but rather a part of it. In this way, countries are cutting issues in half and only pushing the ‘interest’ along with what could be included with it.

The ‘gatherings’ of politicians looks like a show to the rest of the world –it is saying, “look, we can get along in the same room without killing each other.” But at the end of the day, where do they go Back to their homes and forget about everything that happened. If they did not forget, then why do we not see changes

Are Peace Talks worth the time and money or are politicians wasting their breath and money

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