Life and Health Begins with Water – KYK Ionized Alkaline Water
Life and Health Begins with Water – KYK Ionized Alkaline Water
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SEOUL, KOREA — How can you attain better health Just as life itself begins from water, we should remember that health too, springs from it.  

Dr. Kim Young-kwi devotes himself to R&D of good water in his lab.

Cities across the world known for their residents’ longevity have something in common: they have good water. And there is someone who, after realizing that water is the essence of health, has dedicated more than 30 years of research to the science of water with the sole purpose of improving health.


Meet Kim Young-kwi, CEO of KYK Ionized Alkaline Water

There are hundreds of different kinds of water, Dr. Kim says, and they all have different properties and effects.

He has been researching water that is clean, safe, and suitable for human physiology while preventing diseases and improving health.  His utmost principle is that health should be proven results, not by theory.

The products developed by Dr. Kim are in fact approved by the government as healing water with proven medical effects. Dr Kim's healing water is no gimmick. The technologies developed for his range of water-products have earned him over 130 patents.

Having made a commendable contribution to industrial development and public health, Dr. Kim has received the Order of Industrial Service Merit at South Korea's annual ceremony dedicated to recognizing outstanding inventions.

Dr. Kim explains about the alkali water to the visitors at International Specialist Trade Fair in Germany.

A Story of Healing through Water

Among many miraculous stories of Dr. Kim’s clients, here is one that shows how water could change someone’s life:

Ms. A is a single mother of four children. Her husband passed away when she was 40, and she's had difficulties raising her children on her own. However, determined to provide proper education for her children, she sent all of the four children to college, working day and night. Her four children persevered and eventually became doctors and pharmacists. But Ms. A’s health had seriously deteriorated. It was no use seeing a doctor or taking medicine. Without appetite or motivation for life, she could barely visit the hospital to receive treatment, but she went to two or more hospital on a daily basis. Her children  often visited her dropping off food, that would remain in the refrigerator because she lacked appetite. Of course, her children would get upset at seeing the spoiled food.


Ms. A hardly ate one meal a day, but her abdomen was always swollen as if she was pregnant. She would wake up four times or more every night as she had to go to the bathroom because of serious stomachaches. There were many occasions when she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  And then, something curious happened.

KYK has won the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2011.

It was about 20 days after she started drinking ionized alkaline water that she heard that was good for health. In the toilet, she found herself astonished at what she saw: the toilet was full of dark and blue feces. She could not believe that it was all from her own body, and Ms. A thought, “I am definitely going to die because I had the alkaline water. I thought it was supposed to be good for me!”

She went to sleep, thinking she would go to the hospital as soon as the sun rises. It was past 7 a.m. when she woke up. But  her stomach was not aching when she was preparing to go to see the doctor. Come to think of it, she had had sound sleep without waking up even once. She did not go to the hospital because she felt fine and her stomach remained calm.

And then she felt like eating something. She could now enjoy the taste of food. After a few days, she felt more energized and her complexion was invigorated. Ms. A started begun to want to live again. Enjoying good food and sound sleep, she started wearing nice clothes and makeup. As she began to take care of herself again and her health improved, people in the neighborhood didn't recognize her.


The Smart Hot & Cold Water lonizer will be launching in Agust 2011.

She was exhilarated. It was a life she never though was possible for her, so she now started to wonder how she could pay back what she got from Kim Yeongkwi Ionized Alkaline Water products.

After deciding that the best way to show her gratitude was to let other people learn about the healing water, Ms. A prepared for food and threw a party for the neighbors. And she told them about her life story and how she recovered her health, shedding tears.

People remembered how Ms. A had suffered from her illness and how she had become healthy again. Everyone was touched after hearing her story, and many bought the miraculous water that made her so happy.

Although her children were working as doctors and pharmacists, she could not cure herself. Health was not something you can get from special medicine or food.

As an expert who spent three decades on studying water for people’s health, Kim Young-gui says, “as life begins from water, health springs from it as well. And you must drink healthy water to keep your life healthy.”

You can learn more about Dr. Kim's range of alkaline water at his web site,

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