Infrared Treatment Detoxifying Wonder
Infrared Treatment Detoxifying Wonder
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Infrared Ray for Medical Use

The Sunbeam Therapy (MS-980S)

By stimulating increased perspiration, An Infrared sauna is specially designed to reduce pain, stiffness, and fatigue of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis as well as aid in the detoxification of those with high body toxicity.

On top of its highly modified method of treatment, this sauna is ideal for patients with low hot air tolerance because of the heat provided by the infrared technology directed only to the human body.

A visionary, MYUNG SHIN Medical is taking this technology to another level by employing far-infrared treatment devices to further provide medical support. The company began in 2004 exporting to Sweden’s Sensei, and just last year, it signed the sales contract with U.K.’s Brown Y.


MYUNG SHIN MEDICAL’s Treatment Solutions

The Rainbow (MS-660S), particularly intended for medical thermotherapy can generate pure far-infrared (4-18um) and transfer wave energy into a number of internal organs by using a special carbon fiber plate heater. Emulating the rainbow, its semi-circle panel can better concentrate the far-infrared ray and wave. With more focused energy applied, it relieves pain and reduces body weight. Zen Beam (Sauna Heater/MS-660S-B), The New Rainbow (SM-680) and The Sunbeam Therapy (MS-980S) are other highly beneficial apparatus for medical thermotherapy used at home, hospitals, and beauty shops.

When getting the far-infrared treatment, the first noticeable change in the body is the feeling of warmness in the feet and hands. This is due to the increased blood flow indicating a more effective blood circulation in all parts of the body.  As the blood flow increases, the body cells become hyper-active burning more calories which leads the loss of body fat. Better results can be achieved when this treatment is coupled with physical activities.

One of the major advantages derived from infrared heat is the improvement of the delivery mechanism that bridges nutrition and the body cells; increased blood flow can make the process work better by speeding up the nutritional exchange. This effect eventually supports other kinds of therapy as the treatment actively invigorates our cells facilitating better absorption and reaction. 

Noting the most significant body processes, a well-balanced diet, regular detoxification, disposing of unnecessary body fat and maintenance of active cells contribute to our wellbeing and physical appearance, and can even slow down the aging process. Please visit for more information.

Myung Shin Medical has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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