A New Relationship for N and S Korea?
A New Relationship for N and S Korea?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2012.01.03 00:04
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Wisconsin, USA –January 2, 2012 – According to several news reports from several Korean news agencies, President Lee Myung-bak –often characterized as a ‘rat’ in cartoons – announced in the New Year address that he would leave open opportunity for N Korea to peace and stability; in particular, it’s focus is ridding of the nuclear arms so that N Korea could be included in the six-party talks. Even though Lee reaches out to N Korea, rumors are that N Korea advertised to its people that they should be ‘human rifles and bombs’ to protect their new leader. Could a new relationship develop from the North and the South or could the young N Korea leader’s inheritance –nuclear weapons – get in the way

Lee warned his people and military to remain vigilant since N Korea’s ‘peace’ may quickly turn to violence toward its nation; although Lee did not express intention on invading its neighboring country, he stepped up on the ‘defense’ front which indicates that he expects to see the opposite –N Korea invading the country. It may not be entirely obvious at this point, but both countries may expect the other to invade; the rumored N Korean ‘human rifles and bombs’ should indicate that they expect S Korea to enter N Korea and not vice versa; after all, N Korean people do not leave their country.

Another topic Lee stressed in his address was inflation and job creation; he did not say that there would be more jobs, but he would at least want to be able to get good prices to lower so that the low-income people could get what they needed; the inflation could stop these people from getting their needs met, which could lead to another dilemma if not addressed. Lee expressed this intention even though he could not serve another term in presidential office.

But could all of this ‘talk’ only be ‘talk’ like we have seen many times before The uniqueness of Lee’s strategy indicates that he and his party spent time to devise a plan; every other nation may preach ‘job creation.. job creation.. inflation control,’ but nothing is solved. Obviously Lee wants to take care of his people and he has a plan in the meantime since job creation cannot happen as quickly as people need. Perhaps this could be a model for other nations with similar issues.

Yet, S Korea is still experiencing problems as it was just discovered that some savings banks are giving out loans to those with ‘borrowed names’; this act was made illegal back in the 90’s, so it is surprising that the nation needs to handle it again.

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