So the North and South 'Dance' Continues..
So the North and South 'Dance' Continues..
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2012.01.04 14:05
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Wisconsin, USA –January 3, 2012 – From the U.S. perspective, the ever-changing policies and limitations between North and South Korea can be frustrating; one day S Korea may give food aid and the next it may not; one day it may allow its citizens to enter N Korea and the next it may not; the list goes on and on. Undoubtedly it makes sense that if the North attacks it in some way, it will not expose its citizens to harm; yet, what about when it comes to aid Over and over again it is said that the food aid and other aid is for the innocent civilians; if that’s the case, why would we punish these people each time the leader/leading party makes a mistake –aka kills or attacks S Korea citizens

Although I do not fully support giving food and oil to the North, there needs to be some consistency; if S Korea initially gave aid, why stop It would open the opportunity for the North to grow hostile and resent it for taking away what it thought it could keep obtaining. On top of this, it gives the North the idea that it could keep asking for more and eventually obtain it if it is persistent enough. Of course the policy with the North changes from leader to leader, but it also changes over the term of each leader. Can the leaders not see that N Korea is getting more aggressive

As revolutionary and touching it was that S Korea began aiding N Korea –after the Sunshine policy started with past President Jung – it possibly caused the N Koreans more harm than good; after all, the government began to rely more on outside sources to sustain its people and put more effort towards nuclear weapons. If it knows that somehow its country will survive, it will continue with its malicious acts; it is like child’s play where a kid will continue to bully another child because he or she knows that the child will always react in the way that he or she would like.

S Korea just lifted a temporary ban from allowing its citizens to enter N Korea; officials announced that there was no one waiting on the list to be approved. As the years go by, less people are part of those who were ‘separated’ after the 1950-1953 War. Perhaps there will be no one on the lists at all in the future because that is probably the only reason for anyone to visit N Korea.

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