Korea Grand Sale 2012 - Move Over Korea, Americans are Coming Over!
Korea Grand Sale 2012 - Move Over Korea, Americans are Coming Over!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2012.01.06 00:53
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Wisconsin, USA – January, 5 2012 – If S Korea wanted to generate more business, it may achieve it through mega-sales and perks for foreigners who travel there to participate in the activities –January 9 through February 29. Surprisingly, a portion of the profit will be put towards multicultural family support projects rather than put into the pockets of business owners; there are over 22,000 shops who participate in this event that could save their foreign customers over 50% on items and services such as hotel stays.

If my schedule was not full, I would definitely make a trip over to join in the festivities. It would give me time to interact with the culture again and experience the fun all over again; foreigners will get the chance to see K-Pop performers – one of my favorites – and get the chance to win other prizes such as the classic ‘Korean wedding photo’ that everyone must have! You could also win tickets to see shows at the theater –yes, Korea shows movies from Hollywood too. Who could resist such an amazing opportunity

The long event is touching because it puts focus on the individuals who are at a disadvantage such as the disabled children who are adopted by American couples; Korea shows its appreciation for this in an extraordinary way. It also provides a way for the international women in the Korean community to go back to their homes to visit their families; after all, they typically come from impoverished places and all the money goes directly to their families.

Korea encourages the foreigners to go outside of Seoul by offering some free transportation plus large discounts on routes that are not included in the ‘free’ offer. Right now, Americans are looking for this type of adventure; traveling, shopping, and enjoying the culture while giving to a good cause may prompt many people from around the world to join in the amazing event!

We just started the New Year and many people make a New Year’s Revolution; not all Americans desire to lose weight but rather help those in need. Perhaps they will treat themselves at the same time and take a trip over to Korea to join in the festivities!   

Extra emphasis on tourism may be what Korea needs in order to stimulate its domestic economy –then ultimately its international reach; let’s see how far this event takes Korea.

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