UPA to Make a Strong Push for Expansion of Port Infrastructure
UPA to Make a Strong Push for Expansion of Port Infrastructure
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2012.01.26 18:42
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Night view of Ulsan Port Authority

ULSAN, KOREA — In an interview with Korea IT Times, Park Chong-rok, CEO of Ulsan Port Authority (UPA), stated, "We will launch the port-backup area creation project and the 'Bukhang District' development project this year as part of its efforts to expand the harbors infrastructure.

"In addition, we will readjust the pier function to enhance its efficiency and ease the chronic concentration phenomenon of container ships at Ulsan Port."

He also said that the UPA will play a leading role in pushing for the Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project, which will bring about a new development for the Ulsan Port through governmental cooperation.

Ulsan City singlehandedly earned the USD equivalent of 100 billion for their 2011 exportation. Although there is currently an international economic financial crisis, Park stated, "It was possible to earn this extraordinary amount, because we have the Ulsan Port that grossed 190 million tons in freight cargo volume in 2011, which increased 13 percent from last year. The port also exported 150 million tons of liquid cargoes last year, up 14 percent from the previous year."

In addition, the UPA is relocating to allow more ships to arrive at Ulsan Port through tailor-made marketing activities directly linking the owners' freight cargoes and shipping companies.

"At the same time, we are considering offering an incentive to liquid cargoes in an attempt to attract more to Ulsan Port. For a smooth port operation, the UPA has also completed the construction of anchorage for small ships at Jangsaengpo Port," Park said.

The UPA is planning to finish the development of Ulsans new port area by 2015.


Environment-Friendly Managerial International Standard Certification

Park Chong-rok, CEO of UPA

Park was questioned about the environmental management system of the UPA, which acquired the environment-friendly managerial international standard certification for the first time among domestic harbor institutions. It also introduced the environment-centered managerial system. Park answered, "Ulsan Port is a liquid-oriented harbor, but handles over 10 million tons of general cargoes every year. However, some relevant companies frequently complained of the dust from some general cargoes. To solve such problems, the UPA reinforced cargo loading and unloading facilities and open-air storage facilities.

"In order to systematically reduce environmental pollution occurring in the course of loading, unloading, transport and storage of cargoes, we also pushed for attaining the ISO 14001 and finally won the certification from Lloyd's of Britain," he said. He also added that only 17 harbors, including Ulsan Port, attained the ISO 14001 certification in the world and is the first Korean harbor to win the certification.

"With the acquisition of the ISO 14001, the UPA plans to carry out education programs for pier operating company officials and bolster inner screening and manager consideration systems for stable maintenance and management of Ulsan Port. I am convinced that the environment of Ulsan Port will improve significantly through the persistence of Lloyd's monitoring and after-management inspection," said the CEO.


Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project 

The UPA is now engaging in negotiations with relevant government agencies on concrete plans to complete the Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project by 2020.

"The basic design of the first-phase Bukhang District project was completed. The KRW 4 billion project was necessary for the design of the second-phase Namhang District project, which is also scheduled to be financed by the government budget," said Park.

"The UPA is actively pushing ahead with the first-phase infrastructure construction project this year to accelerate the Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project," he explained.

Vehicles are being loaded into an ocean container by UPA

The UPA Provides the Best Service To All of Carriers and Shippers Through the Ulsan Main Port, Onsan Port, Mipo Port and Ulsan New Port.

"In conclusion, we have been exerting our best efforts to attract investments such as the AIS (Automatic Identification for Ships) system and a new marine center in order to meet various customers’ needs. We will make the Ulsan Port the worlds best port by pushing forward an oil hub project successfully in addition to an aggressive port market," Park stated.

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