Joint Development of Anti-Cancer Drug Research Firms
Joint Development of Anti-Cancer Drug Research Firms
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SEOUL, KOREA ― The National Cancer Center President, Lee Jin-soo introduced the Bridging & Development Cancer Program Therapeutics with System Integration as a research foundation for a new anti-cancer drug. Kim, In –cheo is the manager of this organization. This program was designated by the ministry of Health and Welfare on January 26th and a material transfer agreement (MTA) with Sanofi Aventis Korea was developed (CEO: Jean-Marie Arnaud, for joint development research of a new anti-cancer drug.

According to this agreement, the program will conduct all clinical trials for a toxicity test on the candidates. These contain substances for new anti-drugs that will further be developed by Sanofi Aventis Korea, who will verify its efficacy.

Program Manager Kim, In-cheol spoke of the significance of this agreement, saying “joint development with a multinational pharmaceutical firm is the most effective way for us to overcome Korea’s limited resources and infrastructure for new drug development and secure global competitiveness in the new drug area. This agreement marks the first step in such an endeavor.”  

National Cancer Center President Lee, Jin-soo stated, “I will make sure to provide the best support as president of the research center so that the substance selected by the program will be successfully developed into a new global anti-cancer drug.”   

Sanofi-Aventis Korea CEO Jean-Marie Arnaud said, “I hope this agreement on joint development with the National Cancer Center that has been leading successful cancer research and treatment of cancer patients will be an opportunity to bring the development of an innovative anti cancer drug in Korea.” She also added, “Sanofi, as a leading company in the research and development area, will make contributions to the growth of the local medical and pharmaceutical areas through research cooperation for new drug development with Korea’s renowned research institutes.”

The program has been conducting a development of five candidate substances that have selected substances for anti-cancer drugs submitted by Korean academic, industrial and research organizations and entities since its establishment last June. Currently, it is evaluating substances that have been submitted through the second contest.

The Bridging & Development Program Cancer Therapeutics with System Integration designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare is seeking to carry out a technical transfer of four global anti-cancer drug substances by investing nearly KRW 240 billion (including KRW 120 billion of private investment) over the next five years.

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