Data Streams Will Tap into SNS Atypical Data Analysis Business
Data Streams Will Tap into SNS Atypical Data Analysis Business
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Data Streams

 Data Streams (CEO Lee Yeong-sang), a leading company in data management announced that the company would tap into the atypical data analysis business as a new business for 2012. Data Streams has secured unrivaled technological power and accomplished their goal in processing large quantities of data, integration and managing data qualities and the DW/BI market. The company is planning to expand its business areas and grow into a truly specialized company in the data field by developing a foray into the atypical data analysis business.



 In overseas countries, data management-specialized global companies with data integration systems specialize in the atypical and typical sectors. They also provide data analysis services. In Korea there are online portal service operators and search service firms that offer similar services. It is expected that Data Streams’ plan will offer more specialized services for customers by entering the SNS. This data analysis industry will have a large impact on the existing market. 



 Data Streams’ atypical data analysis service offers information by collecting, classifying and analyzing SNS documents to find hidden patterns and meanings of data. The company offers detailed services, such as modules for individuals which make it possible to analyze images and trends by analyzing a wide array of atypical data in SNS and corporate service modules. This in turns supplements strategies and decision making through analyses of atypical data managed by public organizations and companies.   


 Data Streams will provide monitoring through expert data analyses and consulting on devising strategies. This will mean the improvement of systems and systemization by analyzing atypical data and offering more accurate and faster services on the basis of its accumulated know-how in typical data analyses. First of all, individuals and companies may analyze a huge quantity of external data by monitoring and preparing countermeasures through this service. Then, they may enhance their competitiveness and use the results in sales and marketing. By doing so, they can actively respond to customers in the market where excessive data and SNS are utilized. Data Streams will secure a system for this new project and will offer full-scale services beginning in February.

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