Boy band promotes album against climate change
Boy band promotes album against climate change
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SEOUL, KOREA — To raise awareness of Carbon footprint labeling, a boy band sings a campaign song, “Check the Carbon foot print when purchasing products!” Their music is an effort to encourage consumers to purchase ‘low carbon goods’.  

The first group selected to sing the ‘low carbon goods’ campaign song is a boy band MBLAQ and will be aired on SBS Ingigayo, music show (Feb. 5). 


The campaign song is produced by SBS and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI). The song informs the public of climate change and encourages individuals to “take action against climate change through smart green consumption by checking the carbon footprints of the product”.

The ministry and KEITI are operating the carbon footprint labeling policy. The policy requires labeling of all the greenhouse gases emitted during processing and obtaining raw materials to production, distribution, consumption and disposal. 

The carbon footprint labeling system was implemented in February, 2009.Since then, 98 companies and 502 goods have been certified and the public and other companies’ interest is increasing gradually. Because greenhouse gas emission differ in production procedures and distribution processes, procuring low carbon goods by checking the carbon footprint can be the first step toward more green consumption and  less climate change.  

Meanwhile,  the ‘low carbon goods’ campaign song by other popular singers includes Dalshabet, K. Will and Sistar will be additionally aired on SBS Ingigayo music show, after MBLAQ.

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