Samsung Showcases 2012 Vision to Europe
Samsung Showcases 2012 Vision to Europe
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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, showcased its diverse array of new products at the Samsung Forum 2012 in Europe. Embracing its new philosophy of “Pushing Boundaries,” the company shared its strategy to expand its European market and deliver connectivity and content across multiple devices – from TVs to mobile phones, tablets to Notebook PCs and cameras to home appliances. 

“More than ever, consumers are leading dynamic lifestyles that require technology to enrich and accommodate their lives,” said Seokpil Kim, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe. “We will achieve this through new product innovations, continued investment in research and development, and driving corporate and social responsibility programs in the European region.” 

In 2011, Samsung Electronics achieved record sales of USD143 billion. In Europe, the company achieved No. 1 market share in 10 product categories, including mobile phones.

“Our strategy for growth in Europe and abroad will be to focus on B2B and becoming a holistic solutions provider,” Mr. Kim said. “We will create a dedicated B2B organization with localized solutions. Our targeting fields include banking, insurance, healthcare and education with products linked to business aspirations such as mobility, security, analytics and data.” 

Additionally, Samsung shared the worldwide launch of its CSR platforms under the banner of Hope for Youth in Europe. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the company has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages International to equip young people with technological skills for a better future. This includes developing a technology e-Learning program, donation of products, as well as Samsung volunteers’ time to help children in need.


Samsung Smart TV: Ultimate Quality, Content 


For 2012, Samsung has pushed the boundaries of home entertainment to meet the needs and challenges of its consumers. The company has unveiled its 2012 product innovations under three guiding pillars: Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution. These new families of products offer more content, smarter interfaces, intuitive controls, incredible picture quality and stunning design. 

The ES8000 LED TV features the slim bezel Samsung first introduced in 2011, complemented this year by a new matching arch flow stand and an increased screen size of up to 75 inches. Inside, a dual-core processor powers the ES8000, allowing users to multitask by surfing the web while using or downloading multiple apps simultaneously. A variety of content is also available through Samsung Apps, the industry’s preferred TV apps platform.


Also introduced was Samsung’s very first 55-inch Super OLED TV, built on Samsung’s experience of manufacturing more than 90 percent of all OLED panels globally. Using Samsung’s proprietary Super OLED technology, the Super OLED TV incorporates the ultimate in vividness, speed and thinness, with true-to-life picture quality, enhanced color accuracy and motion picture quality even in the fastest scenes. Also included are a built-in camera and microphone for motion control, voice control and face recognition, and a fast dual-core processor for multitasking. 

Both the ES8000 LED TV and Super OLED TV encompass Samsung’s three guiding philosophies that equip consumers with the future of Smart TV technology. 

Smart Interaction enables Smart TV owners to communicate with their TVs via voice control, motion control and face recognition. For example, consumers can use the Super OLED TV’s built-in HD camera and dual-microphones to prompt the TV. Say “Hi TV” and turn on voice control, speak “Web Browser” to get online, and browse and select results or increase the volume by just pointing a hand.

Smart Content includes the expansion of more robust and personalized content through Smart TV apps, as well as AllShare Play, which enables consumers to easily access personal content across multiple device screens – anywhere, anytime. Additional exclusive services include Family Story, Fitness and Kids.

Smart Evolution is defined by Samsung’s new Evolution Kit. Each year, the kit will include all necessary hardware and software enhancements using proprietary system-on-chip technology. Select 2012 TVs will come equipped with a simple slot-in to the back of the TV.


SMART Wi-Fi Camera Technology 

The shift from analog to digital imaging has never been so evident than with today’s culture of instantly capturing, uploading and sharing photos with friends and family. To make this process more accessible, convenient and fast, Samsung introduced a full line of SMART cameras and camcorders with the new SMART Wi-Fi technology.

Leading the new line-up of Wi-Fi enabled SMART cameras is the WB850F, a long zoom camera that boasts a 21x optical zoom and ultra-compact design to give users the freedom to shoot in stunning clarity while on the move. With Wi-Fi Direct, photo enthusiasts can link their camera to a phone or tablet for photo sharing across platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Picasa. Photos can even be emailed directly from the camera for simple sharing. Additionally, users can use the Auto Backup function to transfer images to their PC without having to carry around cables.


New Generation of Home Appliances offering Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Space

For 2012, Samsung will expand the use of innovative features in its home appliances in Europe. The company is approaching this by investing in the development and launch of new products that push boundaries, in the present and future, through three pillars: Eco, Space and Smart Future.

Samsung is committed to developing environmentally friendly technologies and products for the home. A prime example is Samsung’s EcoBubbleTM Technology, which allows large energy savings for washing in cool water on the Super Eco cycle but delivers the same wash performance achieved with a warmer 40°C cotton wash.

This year also marks Samsung’s investment in the development of components, specifically for the expansion of its Digital Inverter Motors within the EcoBubbleTM line-up and Digital Inverter Compressor for the Refrigerator Line-up. The latest motors and compressors feature optimal energy consumption and durability. In fact, Samsung offers a 10-year warranty to consumers for these components.

Keeping its European consumer needs in mind, Samsung also applied various space technologies to its newest product line. For instance, the G Series Refrigerators currently offer the largest capacity available on the market, in the same standard size. With refrigeration and food storage, the vast majority of European consumers are experiencing restrictions and limitations when using their fridge freezers. To help minimize these space constraints, Samsung developed the G-Series Wide Combi bottom-mount freezer which not only fits well with their kitchen line, but gives wide and big 440-liter capacity. This is achieved by applying Eco Slim™ – This technology increases the inner storage space without affecting the refrigerator’s body size. 

In addition, Samsung‘s new convectional microwave promises optimized cooking spaces with larger capacities. The convection microwave features 45-liters in capacity. The portable induction hob, referred to as O’table, allows users mobility and flexibility in cooking. Increased capacity can also be found in Samsung’s latest washing machines, which deliver a market leading 12-kilogram capacity in standard size cabinet, and 8-kilograms in slim depth with highest energy efficiency ratings.


Second Generation Notebook: 12.9mm x 1.16kg

 Unveiled today was the second generation of Samsung’s Notebook Series 9. More than 33,000 hours of development and design, the new Series 9 is 21 percent thinner and 28 percent smaller than its predecessor. This demonstrates Samsung’s engineering craftsmanship as the thinnest premium notebook on the market. Thanks to its Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and Samsung SSD, the notebook powers up in just 9.8 seconds and wakes in only 1.4 seconds. A single-shell aluminum body forms the exterior, with an innovative sand-blasted surface that prevents fingerprints. Its Super Bright Plus display enables superior picture quality with 400nit brightness.

Powerful Office Technology

In addition to the company’s notebooks, Samsung announced its mono laser multi-function printer, the SCX-3405FW. The printer’s state of the art “ecobutton” will reduce overall print costs by more than 20 percent. The device also comes set with a downloadable mobile print application, enabling customers to print and order items all from the convenience of a single smart device, such as PCs, mobile phones and tablets. The SCX-3405FW has a 20 page per minute printing speed along with faxing, scanning, copying capabilities.

Samsung also announced its 27-inch Series 9 (S27B970) monitor that provides the best viewing experience with life-like picture quality. The S27B970 features Samsung's exclusive professional-grade Plane Line Switching (PLS) panel technology for accurate color reproduction with over one billion colors that can be viewed at wide horizontal and vertical angles. With customization and attention to detail, the new Series 9 monitor utilizes Samsung's exclusive Natural Color Expert technology for maximum panel performance.

GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) powered by AndroidTM 4.0 


Joining the GALAXY family this year is the GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0), the first series to run on the Android 4.0 operating system. This is also referred to as the Ice Cream Sandwich. Available in 3G and Wi-Fi versions, the GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) will first launch in the United Kingdom, then in the global market starting in March 2012. 

Samsung’s first Android 4.0-powered tablet features new and improved Android OS features. This includes an upgraded Android Market with access to up to more than 400,000 applications, as well as improved web browsing, faster response times and a more intuitive UI with upgraded swipe control applications. The device’s new operating system is further enhanced by HSPA+ 21Mbps or WiFi connectivity. 

More than ever, consumers can enjoy more multimedia access, playback and sharing experiences through Samsung Hub services. Samsung’s new Video Hub offers more than 1,000 video titles for purchase or rent, helps users choose with quick reviews, trailers, recommendations, and even possesses a progressive download feature that allows a viewer to watch the film as it is being downloaded. Finally, the Samsung Music Hub offers access to more than 17 million tracks, while the Readers Hub gives users access to more than 2.3 million e-books, 2,300 magazines and more than 2,000 newspapers in 51 languages. The Game Hub instantly connects users to the latest game titles. The GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) is also powered by a 1GHz dual core processor that makes it a true powerhouse for multimedia downloading and sharing. The GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) can also access content from the cloud via AllShare Play, which allows content to be transferred between the tablet and other devices, as well as real time annotation and editing. 

Beyond content, the GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) makes connecting and sharing easier than ever. With voice call capability, consumers can use the GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) just as they would a replacement phone or schedule multi-party video calls via Google+ hangouts. The GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) also features WiFi Direct and built-in social networking features such as ChatON, Samsung’s unique cross-platform communication service.

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