KT president congratulatory message
KT president congratulatory message
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KT president congratulatory message
Congratulations upon the first anniversary of the publication of The Korea IT Times English language magazine! I believe that your specialized IT journal, which presents the trend of the times and the direction of the change, has played a great role in enabling our country to develop as an IT power along with the role of the government, companies and the country's millions of Internet subscribers. We cannot help but say that the role of The Korea IT Times, which publishes for a foreign readership at home and abroad, was significant among IT journals since it indicates how worthy of notice the Korean IT industry really is. For the future, the world of Ubiquitous technology will unfold and we expect accordingly that the role of specialized IT journals will be even greater. In addition, the government has a policy goal of boosting the national economy through nurturing the IT industry since exports by the IT sector are expected to reach to $110 billion. Amidst such great expectations it is our sincere hope that The Korea IT Times continues to rise in significance to the point of becoming a vitally important news medium for foreigners in order to stay abreast of developments in Korea's dynamic IT sector. Furthermore, by presenting the necessary insights to enable companies to spearhead their market advances in an Ubiquitous world in coming years, we hope that the Korea IT Times would play a even more greater role in the domestic IT industry to enhance its prestige abroad. In conclusion, I congratulate you once again on the first anniversary of the publication of The Korea IT Times and wish it continued success. Lee Young-kyung President & CEO, KT

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