LG Introduces Smart Fridge
LG Introduces Smart Fridge
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London, U.K. — Who would have thought in our wildest dreams we would have a fridge dubbed “your own Rachael Ray.” The LG Smart Manager Fridge, which was featured in a Las Vegas electronics show, goes on sale this year in the UK for £2,000. This hi-tech fridge has a large touch screen, camera, and internet connection that allow it to download recipes. This smart fridge can also do your shopping and turn on the oven by itself.

Its manufacturers at LG hopes the fridge will merge with online shopping services. Dr Scott On of LG said: "This transforms the appliance into a food management system."

This device scans the bar codes or shopping receipts labeled on food items that are placed in the fridge. They can also describe the food or drink item they would like, which is recorded by voice recognition technology. Not only that, but it can also monitor when stocks of a certain food or drink item are running low and add items to the shopping list automatically. How’s that for a smart fridge!

Mom, dad, and the kids can set up their own individualized accounts. The fridge also recognizes their persona dietary needs based on BMI, gender and age. It can create shopping lists for each person based on their favorite foods and suggest delicious new recipes based on the ingredients included in their meal

Once a recipe is chosen, the fridge can switch on the oven to the correct temperature and set a timer via a wireless connection. The screen on the door then gives the cook precise instruction on correct preparation.

Though this product revolutionizes the way we cook, shop and make our weekly grocery lists, Kieran Alger of gadget website T3.com states: "It remains to be seen if people will want to take advice from their fridge."

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