The Industry's First Motion Processing IP Cores Designed for Mobile Devices
The Industry's First Motion Processing IP Cores Designed for Mobile Devices
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GRENOBLE, FRANCE — Movea, a world leader in motion-processing and data fusion technology, announced today its new MotionCore product line: a family of motion processing IP Cores designed for mobile devices. MotionCore architectures are optimized for motion sensing and data fusion applications and run implementations of Movea's proprietary SmartMotion® algorithms. For sensor-enabled mobile devices, MotionCore delivers increased performance with dramatically reduced power consumption at a significantly lower cost than software only solutions.
The combined market for MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers and pressure sensors in mobile devices has demonstrated dramatic growth in recent years and is predicted to exceed 4 billion units by 2015. By managing the complexities of sensors, motion processing and data fusion, MotionCore is uniquely positioned to further accelerate proliferation of sensors and data fusion applications, enabling sensor, processor and mobile platform vendors to offer a complete motion processing solution to Smartphone and Tablet OEMs.
MotionCore delivers Movea's SmartMotion technology at the semiconductor level to make MEMS sensors more intelligent and useful, providing the software, firmware and tools necessary to build advanced motion features the market is asking for.
"MotionCore is the first family of dedicated motion processors available as licensable IP cores that can be integrated directly into sensors, applications processors, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and custom DSPs manufactured by semiconductor and MEMS vendors," explained Sam Guilaumé, CEO at Movea. "We believe that it is as significant an event as the introduction of the dedicated Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU. It will enable licensees to configure customized solutions for a range of advanced motion features and sensor configurations. It is fully supported by our portfolio of over 330 patents, our application development team."
MotionCore comes with a set of modules for applications in indoor/pedestrian navigation, activity monitoring, motion gaming, augmented reality, and gesture-based device/application control. Movea's MotionCore solution is sensor agnostic, allowing supply chain freedom. It is also scalable and flexible so it can be optimised to meet the price/performance requirements of the device with optional modules such as gesture recognition, inertial navigation or activity monitoring included as required. Additionally MotionCore solutions come with a suite of reference stimuli and test patterns for system validation, and libraries of industry MEMS characterization parameters.
MotionCore IP cores are available for licensing now from Movea.

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