BI Matrix Navigates through Information Covered Corporations
BI Matrix Navigates through Information Covered Corporations
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Bae Young-geun, CEO of BI Matrix

In times like this when Korea is questioned in the global scale of its originality and critical thinking abilities, an icebreaker like BI Matrix is worth gaining global recognition. BI Matrix, who understood this date’s importance of fast information analysis, succeeded to develop a Business Intelligence solution that helps the corporations’ power users to obtain and improvise the information in the speediest manner. This national leading company recently won an award by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in new software sector. The ice-breaker’s strengthened hull comes from Bae Young-guen, CEO and founder of the company, who builds the company culture based on “creatively, innovatively, and proactively.” Such belief has allowed BI Matrix to be a competitive domestic company in the global market. Samsung Electronics, LG, and POSCO have often chosen BI Matrix products whose strength comes from the diverse systems created for the entire company as well as individual segments within a company. BI Matrix’s clients range from major corporations to public organizations, manufacturing, service, construction and distribution companies. CEO Bae Young-geun explains how BI Matrix came to be on a roll among those competitive foreign BI SW.


Matrix Knocks them Down

Before founding BI Matrix, Mr. Bae has been working for a major corporation as a DW (Data Warehouse) BI system developer and operator, and that was when he realized how inefficient the system became. Professional users have difficulties in operating foreign BI solutions. There should be a BI solution that fits the Korean business environment. Matrix was developed with his creative and innovative ideas for users who are not sufficiently knowledgeable in IT industry to use BI solutions easily.

In the beginning of developing Matrix, he focused on creating a user-oriented BI solution that includes all BI features except those that are inconvenient from the users’ perspective. Matrix is an integrated BI solution that adds expanded BI features such as planning, simulation, dashboard, EUC, and reporting from online analytical processing (OLAP), which is featured in foreign BI SW. Matrix enables users to turn various data such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), data warehousing (DW), and customer relationship management (CRM) into meaningful data that is useful for their decision-making process.


In short, it is the SW that helps users access a DB and quickly extract and filter the desired information from the database in different systems within the company. This enables people in charge of certain tasks to make the right decision. Matrix is, in a way, an interface of a vast statistics system. In the past, general statistics had to be programmed to see the output, but now you can easily produce the result without programming using Matrix.

Reports using Matrix can be read and analyzed anywhere and anytime by using not only the intra-company system but also mobile devices like smartphones, and the solution even provides, in addition to the normal features of OLAP solution, Query Wizard, Live-Office, and real-time atypical analysis and advanced statistics as well. Particularly, it allows entering the data on a web screen and saving it in a database, supporting forecasting and simulation systems. And users can use the spreadsheet feature as if they use Excel on the web, which is one of Matrix’s advantages over other BI solutions in terms of user convenience. “Matrix has the Excel spreadsheet format familiar to many people,“ CEO Bae explains, “and users can use the UI and expressions without changing them as well as inquiring and analyzing data from various databases on a single screen. This user convenience feature makes most of our clients adopt the solution for the entire company after a department experienced it just once.”


Bi Matrix’s Excel-like revenue management system showing various diagrams

What works like a charm in the market

 In general, successful companies in the market know what consumers really want. No matter how good a product is, you can’t catch the attention if you fail to see from the consumers’ perspective. The success of BI Matrix is well shown in their list of clients: Samsung Electronics, LG, and POSCO have adopted the Matrix product range and is continuously adding new products to their system. POSCO selected Matrix as the standard of the company and LG Electronics is reviewing the solution as the standard as well. It is certainly a favorable move for BI Matrix. “Samsung Electronics ran over 10 projects with BI Matrix and LG Electronics is also working on the third and fourth project this year,” says CEO Bae.

POSCO chose BI Matrix over the foreign product they have used for 10 years, and now the solution has become the company standard used by 20,000 people. Furthermore, thanks to POSCO’s influence, many steelworks are using BI Matrix’s products.

Shinhan Card has been working on the project by dividing it into three phases. The first was to build OLAP based on atypical analysis system, which has been completed now. And currently, the company is establishing Basel Ⅱ report system while planning to create next-generation report and OLAP system as the last of the three phases. Shinhan Card is planning to integrate typical and atypical reports based on Matrix instead of OLAP (MSRT, Imprompt) and report tool (Actuator) that are divided into atypical analysis and report task. Applying Matrix as the company standard is expected to improve development productivity and reduce TCO as a single BI platform is used throughout the company. Besides Shinhan Card, BI Matrix is continuously adding more financial institutions to their client list, including Jeon Buk Bank, Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives, and Korea Development Bank.

Moreover, Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs, and Ministry of Environment are using Matrix for the national statistics portal service. The solution is also used by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Knowledge Economy for creating agenda and making statistics for the efficiency of a bill, which evidently proves the competence of BI Matrix’s technology.

CEO Bae has been adamant from the very beginning of running his business that products made from the customers’ perspective bring success in the market. Even now, he continuously emphasizes to employees that they should think “as if you are the owner, not a developer, of the product, and provide service that can touch the heart of customers rather than merely following their demands.” This principle was surely touching to their overseas clients as well.

BI Matrix has already made their name well known in Japan and Myanmar with their technology and products. A Japanese telecommunication firm, KDDI, uses the product, and the local offices and corporations of Samsung, LG, and POSCO in Africa and Europe have all adopted Matrix. They have chosen BI Matrix instead of so many other famous foreign BI software products, because this smart product has 200 times more features such as planning, forecasting, and simulation than the generic features in foreign BI.


Jack of all Trades and Master of “One”

 Matrix, the main product of BI Matrix, is an integrated solution that supports the entire process from input to analysis, operation management, and adjustment to establish and execute the management information and planning. While allowing people dealing with actual tasks to extract and process the data, create atypical report, and rapidly respond to data requests, the solution helps managers with decision making and management strategies for each division or department as well as analyzing and sharing the data. For management, it provides insight into the company-wide management status for management plans and decision-making. It, also, assists users to make adjustments and prediction for the future management as well.

Bae Younggeun says, “we are trying to discover competent young people and foster them as ideal SW specialists, since we have realized the lack of professional developers when we were developing SW like Matrix.” The ideal specialist in CEO Bae’s mind can be summed up as a ‘T-type professional’ – professionals who specialize in a specific field, who are also interested and knowledgeable in different areas with a leadership to create harmony with other people. BI Matrix will discover many T-type professionals in the future and contribute to the SW industry, CEO Bae added. Clearly, there is a lot to anticipate from BI Matrix, a company led by a creative, innovative and proactive individual.

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