Effect Pigments for Architecture: Merck Exhibits at the Middle East Coatings Show 2012
Effect Pigments for Architecture: Merck Exhibits at the Middle East Coatings Show 2012
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DARMSTADT, GERMANY – Merck will be presenting its effect pigments for architecture at the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai from March 12 to 14, 2012. This exhibition is the most important platform for the coatings sector in the Middle East and the Gulf region. The focus of the exhibition will be on architectural applications, which have been seeing rapid growth in the region for the past several years. The trend toward gold and silver shades, which can currently be seen in lifestyle products and interior designs, is also being reflected in architecture. 
As a leading supplier of effect pigments, Merck is meeting this trend in architecture with effect pigments from the Colorstream® and Miraval® ranges. They can be used to give facades, steel structures, window frames and other building elements attractive colors and effect stylings that add a special eye-catching touch to buildings even from a distance. Attractive applications for building interiors will also be presented. 
Colorstream® – for subtle color travel effects with captivating appeal 
Colorstream® multicolor effect pigments stand out due to their continuous change from one color to the next, depending upon the angle from which they are viewed. This angle-dependent color travel gives buildings a captivating visual appeal, attracting attention in subtle way. For architects and interior designers, the Colorstream® product range offers many different ways to give building exteriors and interiors a lively appearance. 
Miraval® – for a brilliant shimmer and radiant luster 
Miraval® effect pigments have unparalleled color purity, high transparency and intensive reflective power. They can be used to create effect stylings with a brilliant shimmer and radiant luster. By varying the pigment concentration in the coating formulation, effect pigments based on synthetically produced calcium aluminum borosilicate create fascinating effects ranging from individual sparkling reflections to a metallic shimmering appearance. To attain a delicate shimmer or luster, Miraval® Pigments can be added to formulations with a concentration of less than one percent without causing a change in the color tone. Combining Miraval® pigments with each other opens up an extraordinary variety of styling possibilities. 
Effects in powder coatings and printed on glass 
Merck will demonstrate the effects of Colorstream® and Miraval® effect pigments at the exhibition using powder-coated corrugated sheet metal as one example. Owing to its wavy shape, it is particularly suited for illustrating the interesting effects. Coated flat panels represent the Miraval® Magic range. Miraval® Magic is the name of a new generation of effect pigments that are creating new styling worlds thanks to their unusual effects that resemble the glitter of a starry sky. Glass panels, onto the reverse side of which Miraval® was printed, show the fascinating color effects and innovative designs that are possible on glass. Two large coil panels realized in a joint effort by Alcan, Becker and Merck show the styling called “Red Brass”, which was created using a pigment from the Colorstream® range. 
Effect pigments in dispersion paints 
Dispersion paints containing effect pigments from Merck give interior architects a broader range of design possibilities. A total of 20 panels with effect stylings offer inspiration for innovative interior designs. The walls designed with Miraval®, Iriodin®, Pyrisma® as well as effect pigments from other Merck product ranges exhibit impressive silver-white and gold effects as well as other interesting color travel and glitter effects. Merck effect pigments meet high aesthetic demands and help to give rooms an attractive and unique appearance. 

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