Leading PV (Photovoltaic) Provider for Solar Cell
Leading PV (Photovoltaic) Provider for Solar Cell
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Shinsung Flies Close to the Sun with Technology

Solar Energy System

The rays of the sun have many pros and cons to the human body; On the one hand sunlight is a source of life and provides vitamin D our body needs. On the other hand, long and heavy exposure causes serious harm to our body, though such solar power could become beneficial if sunlight could be an unlimited resource of energy. As former school children, we remember using a battery-free calculator that contains a small black panel at school. This is one common example of how solar energy takes shape in the daily lives of people.


Chairman Mr. Lee givesthumbsup. “Since its foundation in January 1977, Shinsung has increased the value of its precision industry through utilizing domestic technologies and globalized to its international neighbors. He continues “the company was the first to realize a low-noise, no-vibration, and highly efficient FFu (fan filter unit)… And Shinsung concentrates on its core competitiveness in three businesses; clean rooms, fab automation, and solar cells.”

Single Crystalline Solar Cell

Certainly, Shinsung Solar Energy has been capable of absorbing and taking advantage of a blow from the Sun as the company introduces both 350MW capacity of Solar-Cell and 150MW capacity of Solar-Module. By taking rigorous development efforts, they have been successful in creating high efficiency solar cells. The world record of 19.6% conversion efficiency rate for single crystalline solar cells was evident in the R&D stage in 2010. For mass-production, Shinsung has continued to produce single crystalline solar cells with an average rate of 19.2% conversion efficiency. Shinsung Solar Energy’s core leading technology for high efficiency single crystalline solar cells is taking on the solar module business. 265W Solar Module (60 cells in series) is one major item.

He said “every company must constantly grow and develop; this is the unending goal of a company.” To this end, Shinsung has been actively involved in a number of national-level projects. For example, the company has been conducting collaborative research with UNSW (University of New South Wales), Australia for the development of the mass-production technology for high efficiency solar cells with laser doping technology. They were also selected as a supervisor company for the development of the mass-production technology for high efficiency crystalline solar cells and modules.

Shinsung Solar Energy has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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