Standard of Safe Grating: Non-slip Magic Grating
Standard of Safe Grating: Non-slip Magic Grating
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Safe and Environment-friendly Product

 “Since the beginning of a new millennium, the year 2000, we have dedicated ourselves to develop the environment friendly and safe product.”  Mr. Kim, Sang Don, President for Bethel Engineering, is greeting with an introduction. He then continues to explain “ the company has never forgot a saying ‘ no sweat, no sweet’ when it comes to introducing more safe and environmentally-friendly products, and  through effortful R&D, Bethel Engineering gained recognition as one of leading companies in the industry and is setting the safety standard for grating in Korea.” One noticeable fact about its triangular-shaped product Magic Grating is that it can be replaced with an existing grating.


Bethel Engineering’s Main Magic Gratings

The Non-slip Magic Grating

As the 2nd master piece of our company, we’ve developed Non-Slip Magic Grating specially
designed for plant industries

Here is a comparison between Magic Gratings and Conventional ones:

Bethel Engineering is now supplying the product to nuclear power plants and thermal power stations. Non-Slip Magic Grating stops slipperiness and soothes your feet by taking off pressure when you are walking on either upward or downward steep deck. Its sliding prevention is also effective against oiled floors and throughout the rainy or snowy seasons when working outdoors. Safety Net Magic Grating guarantees your safety at work.   The nature of such working sites have tendency to invite unexpected and dangerous accidents; even small falling working tools like nuts or bolts could be sometimes fatal. To prevent them, Safety Net Magic Grating has its own specially designed pattern that is working as a safety net that never fails to catch any dangerous working tools that might fall through.

Installed Non-slip Magic Grating

Bethel Engineering’s Light Duty Grating has triangular structure shapes that provide passers-by with a safe passage unlike common grating which often troubles people on a wheeled vehicle. Heavy Duty Grating adds 3mm magic bar to its surface, which can protect the grating from any possible damage caused by heavy vehicles like trucks and reach stackers. Plus, its triangular structure can fight off and endure daily rotational force and impact from such vehicles quite well; the small size of Magic Grating can withstand 30 tons of axial duty.

Mr. Kim promises “Bethel Engineering will promise you to be a great business partner and to be the world's best plant company through continuous development of safe Magic Grating products.” Their business is expanding to other sectors of shipbuilding, shipyard and offshore plants. And the Korean Government awarded the company with NEP(New Excellent Product) certificate. Find more at

Bethel Engineering has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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