Empowering Windshield Wiper with NANO Technology
Empowering Windshield Wiper with NANO Technology
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Kim In-kyu, Chairman&Chief Executive Officer of ADM21

Genuine Craftsmanship

“Craftsmanship” is a prestigious title, and means only for the people with years of experience and a sharp enthusiasm on a single specific field. At the individual level, only a few people deserve it since it's not easy to do something with great skill and professional expertise for long period of time. A long period of dedication and passion for such expertise is not an easy commitment. At group level, there is a scarcity of success. However, ADM21 emerges as they have been cultivating and developing one area for years, it is the “Windshield Wiper “.

CEO Mr. Kim believes in “Genuine Integrity, Genuine Innovation, and Genuine Solutions”. He then introduces his company “As one of the leading pioneers, since 1976, ADM21 have served to over 100 countries and just recently reached $70 million in exports from last year alone. “


ADM21 Present and Future

“At ADM21, our business culture cultivates passionate and honest services”

Today’s windshield wiper market finds that Germany’s Bosch is leading the pack. Many customers agree that Bosch’s products are very reliable and always come up with new innovative technology such as “ Beam technology “ and “ one-step installation system “, which also other competitors are struggling to keep up with.

XF Series_XF2

Meanwhile, ADM21’s passion and honesty begets “One Frame Wiper”, the world’s exclusive one. Bosch’s customers need to measure and consider which size every time they buy or replace one. But for those who are with ADM21, they do not need to go through such trouble. Since it reaches 97% of compatible rate with other different wiper arms when connected to All In One Adapter.  No doubt, One Frame Wiper is convenient and highly efficient.

A 3-layered special heat treatment frame and NANO Coating are what Bosch cannot offer.  As a result, the frame can provide excellent durability and wiping performance. NANO technology enables ADM21 Windshield Wiper to boast various traits like being harmless to the human body, excellent water repellent function, environment-friendly water soluble solvent, anti-pollution, improved scattered reflection, abrasion resistance and innovative lubrication. With ADM21’s exclusive technology, it is dominating the market here in Korea and is ready for the markets in Europe and U.S.

So far ADM21 has rightfully claimed a variety of relevant patents; among 752, there are 482 registered ones and 270 pending throughout Asia, Europe, and U.S.

” That is why stewardship of our company, industry, and community is a key priority. We look forward to a new and even more exciting year.”

At Premium Conventional Dollar Market Share, conducted by a leading North American market research group (NPD AAIM), ADM21’s products took its dominant No.1 position in the market. And in Canada, their wiper product is sweeping the market. For Sweden, an independent test institute gave 9.6 points, which earned AMD21 another title of the best quality product in Northern Europe.

Mr. Kim outlines his company vision “As our future is in the hands of our customers, it is always our utmost priority to not only meet your standards but to also surpass your expectations.”

And ADM21 is planning to maximize their technology in order to create new items, and they will help environment-friendly cars fast replace conventional ones. And by innovating existing products with creativity, ADM21 is promoting safe-driving and is looking to become world’s No.1 in the industry. Please visit http://www.autosun.com for more.

ADM21 has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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