A powerful source constructed in Daedeok nano belt
A powerful source constructed in Daedeok nano belt
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Laying the groundwork construction of cutting-edge industry in Daedeok R&D special zone The National Nanofab Center (http://www.nnfc.com) is poised to be a driving force in the construction of the Daedeok nano belt.
As an all-round support facility to systematically encourage educational, laboratorial, and industrial nano technology R&D as well as industrialization, the development of this National Nanofab Center is being carried out from October 2002 to September 2011 all through the years with a total budget of 290 billion won. President & Prof. Lee Hee-chul of the National Nanofab Center, explained on the occasion of the launch of Daedeok R&D special zone that a dense cluster of Daedeok R&D Valley associated with R&D institutions is optimal for developing new nano-technology. The president said that it is possible to construct an unprecedented all-round global support facility by means of joint utilization of networking construction with the National Nanofab Center, adding that Daedeok research Valley possesses nano-associated equipment infrastructure amounting to 378.8 billion won. In this regard, Lee emphasized that Daedeok R&D Valley will be a center of domestic nano technology. For the sake of NT development, highly-priced facilities are necessary such as nano scale manufacturing equipment. Since it was too expensive for educational-laboratorialindustrial institutions to invest in separately, the National Nanofab Center's establishment as well as its operation, were urgent priorities, Lee said. One-Stop Service from initial idea creation This National Nanofab Center is expected to contribute to nano technology commercialization, offering One-Stop Service from initial idea creation, to verification as well as pilot product manufacturing. Lee added, 'We are striving to do our best for supporting industrialization and offering nano-technology including unitand module-process services accumulated, via constructing a global network with outstanding institutes world-wide' The National Nanofab Center which already brought a total of 146 different services into being, along with the Center's ceremony for the completion on March 2005, will play a leading role in the future national economy by offering highquality service in a speedy and stable manner, and by contributing to nano technology's industrialization, according to Lee. Notably, the president said that Daedeok Techno Valley was equipped with sufficient facilities and potential to grow as Daedeok's nano belt, since a site of 30,000 pyeong (approx. 99,000m2) is being secured for nano industrialization and the National Nanofab Center will function there, together with KAIST and Choongnam University which offers global standard education facilities. Consequently, Lee stresses that the Daedeok nano belt is optimal for the Daedeok R&D special zone project as Daedeok R&D Valley is located at the very heart of the nation's nano technology development. Moreover, the Valley is constructing unprecedented multifunctional support facilities with nanorelated equipment infrastructure amounting to 378.8 billion won. This Daedeok nano belt aims to create a nano industry worth 2 trillion won annually and expects a population influx effect of 100,000 people, according to Lee. The president further said that Daedeok nano belt will nurture 10 nano manufacturing enterprises with turnover of over 100 billion won and 50 R&Doriented nano venture start-ups with revenue of 20 billion won, thereby creating 100,000 jobs in the nano industry. President Lee has committed himself to laying the foundations in Daedeok R&D special zone by constructing the Daedeok nano belt which will be linked to the National Nanofab Center, Daedeok research Valley's satellite Lab, Daedeok Techno Valley's nano industrial complex. Unprecedented multi-functional support facilities with nano-related equipment infrastructure The president points out that advanced countries begin their investment in earnest, paying attention to unlimited development possibilities and enormous social comprehensive ripple effects to IT, BT, E2T, MT, ST. He forecast that the world's NT market scale will reach to one trillion dollar within 10-15 years. Regarding NT ripple effect, Lee said that it will form a market of annual $340 billion within 10 years in the field of material, semiconductor production by NT will be amplified to annual $300-$350 billion scale and form a market of annual $180 billion within 10-15 years in the fields of medicine and chemistry as well as refined oil. MOST (The Ministry of Science & Technology) also has come to drive forward this National Nanofab Center, promoting the Center as an annex institution of KAIST on March 25, 2004, Lee explains. With the view of constructing infra facilities to support nano technology research & development as well as industrialization, Daejeon City supports a total of 20 billion won with first stage 8 billion won, second stage 8 billion won, and third stage 4 billion won respectively plus offering a building site of 10,000 pyong (33,000m2).

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