Daejeon City Plans Omnidirectional Support System for Daedeok Valley
Daejeon City Plans Omnidirectional Support System for Daedeok Valley
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Kim Chang-hwan, Director of Economic Affairs Division, Daejeon Metropolitan City Director Kim Chang-hwan was recently surprised by comments that although Daejeon is a hub of Korea's IT industry, it remains in a lower ranking globally in terms of performance. In an exclusive interview, he pointed out that Daejeon Metropolitan City is preparing to launch an omnidirectional support system, ranging from R&D to marketing itself like California's Silicon Valley or China's Zhongguancun Science Park as models for the success of the Daedeok R&D Special Zone. He pointed out that a problem for the Daejeon area is that there are not any large conglomerates to lead the development of high-tech industry as a number of people indicated. However, he said that it is a positive factor that exports of the Daedeok Valley IT industry are on the rise and some excellent universities are gathering in Daedeok. The director said that to activate Daedeuk R&D special zone, it is desirable to lure large conglomerates to lead local economy in Daejeon as well as multinational foreign companies, adding that Daejeon Metropolitan City is planning to establish a venture investment fund by linking up with associated ministries to support corporate activities. With regard to the development direction of the Daedeok R&D special zone, he concluded by offering an opinion that Daedeok still needs the government's support.

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