“I use OATS to wash clothes for my child suffering from eczema”
“I use OATS to wash clothes for my child suffering from eczema”
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Daily temperature change is still fluctuating, but the day’s sunlight is getting longer and warmer, so spring is definitely getting closer. Although the arrival of spring is near after harsh cold winter, people with allergies, such as eczema, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), asthma and chronic urticaria, suffer even more because of the daily temperature change.

Lee Yuna, a housewife from Ilsan, is Ji-soo’s mother. Ji-soo suffers from eczema and requires constant care. Spring is even more painful for Ji-soo because of the yellow sand blowing over from China, increases in pollen and, moreover, daily temperature change. For eczema patients, skin dries easily because moisture evaporates quickly through weakened skin cells. Thus Ji-soo must always wear a face mask and hat when she goes out. After she returns from daycare, she needs to shower and Mrs. Lee has to wash the clothes that Ji-soo wore that day.

Mrs. Lee has to be extra careful when she washes Ji-soo’s clothes. To relieve Ji-soo’s eczema symptoms as much as possible, Mrs. Lee must remove every bit of detergent residue after doing laundry by rinsing it several times. She picks only the best bio-friendly detergent product for Ji-soo. That is why she uses eco-friendly “Oats” detergent made by CheongSan Chemical. Mrs. Lee said, “Ji-soo suffered from congenital fever at birth, which led to eczema and rhinitis. I have done everything I can to relieve her condition. I found out about Oats from an online community made by mothers like me and it has helped Ji-soo a great deal.”

Mrs. Lee carefully reads the label when she buys laundry detergent for babies. She said, “Because I use it for my child, I make sure that it contains all natural ingredients.” “I find the product more trustworthy because it includes natural ingredients, such as flavonoid, lonicer aflower and green tea extracts. It also has a refreshing lily scent,” she added. Oats is also popular for its antibacterial ingredients. Oats can remove up to 99.9% of harmful germs around us, and is recommended for children with a weak immune system or people with skin ailments. Flavonoid is a polyphenolic compound and known for antioxidant activity. Because of this ingredient, Oats can protect skin and clothes. It also contains an extra-strength bio-enzyme and is highly soluble even in cold water. Oats also received recognition from Korea Testing & Research Institute for non-skin irritation and Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute for being an environmentally friendly product.


About CheongSan Chemical

CheongSan Chemical(www.cs-chem.co.kr/english) emerged as a global company with strong techniques. CheongSan Chemical has maintained its title as the leading manufacturer of anti-foaming agents for 20 years. It started its business by developing a localized silicon anti-foaming agent and moved its way up to a manufacturer of various other anti-foaming agents.

Since its establishment in 1988, it has set its motto as “a company that puts human and environment first.” It has lived up to it by dredging a NTD facility (an eco-friendly consumer product) along with its ability to supply large retails with various detergent products made with ODM method.

Currently CheongSan Chemical is concentrating on entering the bio-industry field by securing domestic technology. It has also showed its ambition to become a leading bio-chem specialist company, which creates cutting-edge eco-friendly products.

Cheong San Chemical has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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