ETRI - The world’s first technology of human body communication
ETRI - The world’s first technology of human body communication
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DAEJEON, KOREA – Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) developed the world’s first technology of human body communication last year, and IEEE approved standardization of the technology on February 29 this year. The technology allows users to transmit data of picture, video and music files using the human body as a medium, like an electrical wire.

The technology adopted a ‘Frequency Selective Digital Transmission’ which is capable of selecting the optimum frequency band using only digital signals without RF circuit or frequency modulation. It dramatically reduces power consumption compared to existing communication methods while securing high-quality communication performance.

It is a result of continuing efforts in collaboration with Samsung electronics to make the technology internationally recognized following the development in 2009. “Recently, studies have been actively carried out worldwide on body network communication technology and application services such as health care. The approval of core technology as the international standard is expected to fuel related researches and commercialization in the future,” told ETRI.

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