Stevia - Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
Stevia - Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
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Benefits of Natural Sweeteners

Alice enjoys making fresh sweet tea. She also likes making ice cream, cakes and pies for her family. Since Alice is a diabetic, her doctor recommended stevia sweetener, to sweeten her baked goods and coffee. She purchased stevia from Daepyung, a carrier of natural sweeteners and foods. Her family love the taste, and Alice feels comfortable when serving her loved ones their favorite treats.

Stevia Sweetener

Daepyung is proud to carry the stevia sweetener brand for the health and happiness of their clients and ensures complete satisfaction for their customers. To prove this, ten volunteer were given a “coffee taste test.” Each person was served two cups of coffee; one cup contained artificial sweetener and the other contained stevia sweetener. Eight out of the ten volunteers chose stevia based on taste and texture. Some additional facts about stevia sweetener include no fats/carbs, zero calorie, all natural, 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, and it is heat and alkaline stable.

Daepyung Stevia Sweeteners

Since its establishment in 1993, Daepyung has specialized in manufacturing steviol glycoside, one of the natural intensive sweeteners. Daepyung carries the best quality stevia sweetener that supports many Food & Beverage companies in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Japan, China and South East Asia. In 1998, Daepyung won the USD 1 million Export prize and in 2008, won the 5 million Export prize.They also have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Kosher and USA FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as safe substances) notification. Therefore, Daepyung is is now ready to coordinate with global food and beverage companies.

They have been building cutting edge technology for a better sweet taste. So they guarantee that it is the best quality for the Rebaten series (Rebaudioside A products) and modified for stevia products. Stevia sweetener demand is rapidly growing, and answering the customer’s request of natural & zero calorie sweeteners. Since stevia is 200~300 times sweeter than sugar, F&B companies who use stevia sweeter can reduce manufacturing cost. 

Daepyung has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009. 

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