Enjoy Your Outdoor Activities with Soap-i
Enjoy Your Outdoor Activities with Soap-i
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Beanie Audio Soap-b

Hyeon-woo often goes skateboarding, but had an accident and hurt his leg. He was listening to music through his earphones while skateboarding. The music was a loud distraction and kept him from hearing another skateboarder warning him of a deep crack in the sidewalk. Though his fall was not a serious accident, he decided not to use earphones again, thinking it could threaten his safety and others around him. He later wondered if there was a safe way to enjoy music without earphones and skateboard at the same time. He found the answer when he called the friendly customer help center at Apet Co. They recommended soap-b so he could safely skateboard and enjoy music simultaneously. 

Soap-b is a must-have for people who are sports enthusiasts, but like listening to music at the same time. Soap-b is a beanie equipped with an mp3 inside that allows you to listen to music without earphones. Mp3 speakers are built inside the beanie so the wiring doesn’t interfere with your active lifestyle. By installing an ultra-thin speaker set with a large diameter driver, you can keep the shape of the beanie and enjoy the rich sound at the same time. It is also manufactured to allow outside sound filter through for the safety of the user and others. Plus, a wide design of beanies will keep you lookin’ good!



Another product from Apet is the Bike Audio Soap-t that can be built on a bike. Soap-t is an audio player for bicycles with portable features. This is a novel item that includes MP3, speakers, and an LED light in one device. It is just right for bike riders who listen to music while on the road or trail. Unlike common cylinder-type speakers, soap-t lets sound waves move straight to the user’s ears through the horn-shaped tube extending from stereo speakers inside the device toward the user’s direction. In contrast to regular speakers for bikes that spreads the sound in all directions, it is designed to minimize noise pollution that might irritate others.

Bike Audio Soap-t

Moreover, it has Dual LED lights to provide brightness in all directions to provide safety for the rider. With its light weight and design, users can enjoy music and riding. Since weight is such an important factor for bike riders, the device was built to weigh less than 100g; the same weight as two eggs. The material for the exterior was manufactured for enough durability to withstand strong impacts by adding fiber material. It is also very simple to attach and detach with just the touch of a button. With its light weight feature and durability, soap-t is a hit among riders. For more information about Apet goods, visit http://www.playsoap.co.kr/


APET has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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