World’s First 3D Test-run Broadcast with Ground-wave and HD
World’s First 3D Test-run Broadcast with Ground-wave and HD
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SEOUL, KOREA — The age is coming when we can watch high-definition (HD) 3D broadcasting on ground-wave channels. Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced that they started high-definition 3D test-run broadcasting on SBS and EBS during the early morning hours (SBS: 2 am to 2:40 am, EBS: 2 am to 3 am) starting April 3rd thanks to efforts made by broadcasting and electronics companies.

KCC verified the new broadcasting technology that allows the transmission and receiver of HD 3D and 2D on established broadcasting channels by using special experimental channels and broadcasted Daegu IAAF World Championships live in 3D in August 2011. This test-run broadcast is expected to be an opportunity to move a step closer in introducing a full-scale 3D broadcast by transmitting 3D broadcasts using facilities and channels they are operating.

EBS airs the test-run broadcast for one hour every day from 2 am to 3 am during a broadcast break time for one month beginning April 3rd to May 2nd. The 3D broadcast program "Humankind of the Korean Peninsula-people in Jeongok village" and 3D animation "CocoMong of the World of Refrigerator" produced by channel 10 for EBS ground-wave digital broadcast will be aired along with the HD broadcast program "Earth Seen from the Sky."

This test-run broadcast will be implemented  by Dual Stream (MPEG2+H.264) mode in terms of technology. You can watch the 3D broadcast in HD on an existing DTV set. This is the technology developed to meet the 3D international standards of ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) in December this year.

 This test-run broadcast will be available for one month in the Seoul metropolitan area. Due to the low distribution of 3DTV’s that allow a high-definition 3D broadcast, there may be more households that watch 2D images rather than 3D so far. However, there will be more viewers who have access to a 3D broadcast since broadcasting companies plan to continue with the test-run broadcast in the second half of the year. Electronic companies will provide the upgraded facilities and improve receiving conditions of a high-definition 3D broadcast.

“By creating an environment where viewers can easily enjoy 3D images at home through this ground-wave and high-definition 3D test-run broadcast, we expect to raise public awareness of 3D broadcasting and contribute to the vitality of the 3D-related industries,” said Song Kyung-hee, manager of radio-wave broadcasting department of KCC.

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