Good Riddance to Drunk Driving with DA Tech Breathalyzer
Good Riddance to Drunk Driving with DA Tech Breathalyzer
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Tonight, he will take a drink in his office. But he is not an addict, nor is he stressed out from work.


I have prepared some drinks and test them from time to time.”

CEO Mr. Park Kwang-hee for DA Tech Co., Ltd has a good reason for such a bizarre statement concerning booze. “I believe I can positively contribute to the technology and design of my company’s current project.” Mr. Park is dedicated to his company, and DA Tech has dedicated itself to providing help for those who want to drink responsibly and be a safe driver. Therefore, DA Tech has created the DA digital breathalyzer for personal use.

The breathalyzer is the size of a cigarette pack, weighs only 105g, and actually works the same as a police officer’s breathalyzer. Newly applied Fuel Cell sensory provides a high level of both accuracy and reliability. Its digital display prevents you from buzzed driving and helps increase subsequent self-awareness. By using this device, customers can reasonably measure how long they must wait before getting behind the wheel after drinking.


Changing the trend of the global market


In the beginning, DA Tech focused on semi-conductor types that used platinum wire and temperature changes in heated sensing material to conclude alcohol concentration in numbers when the platinum wire changed. Its price is reasonable, but accuracy and credibility has become questionable.

To address problems, DA Tech’s research and development team made tremendous efforts over the years to introduce Fuel Cell sensor for high performance at a competitive price. This somewhat changed the trend of the global market (from semi-conductor type to fuel cell type) as their demand for better products increased. The Fuel Cell type uses the chemical reaction originating from oxidizing alcohol molecules by a platinum catalyst. It results in an accurate level of alcohol measurement to prevent “tipsy” drivers from causing harm to themselves and others. In fact, a number of public institutions adopted the Fuel Cell type device for legal reasons. DA Tech also supplies the Fuel Cell type breathalyzer for general customers as well. You can visit for more information.

He concludes “I always believe in basic values and manners. I treat each and every customer equally and on common ground. Boldness, honesty, and straightforwardness certainly move people’s mind.”

DA Tech has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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