Never Too Late To Play IT Catch-Up
Never Too Late To Play IT Catch-Up
  • Tim Alper
  • 승인 2008.12.26 12:48
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This magazine is unique in Korea for several reasons. Beyond the obvious - the fact that it is the only technology title available in English in this country - there is a more surprising reason. Need another clue Check out our website. Yes, on the website, if you have not already visited, you can download our free podcast. If you are a Korean reading this, you might well be asking, "What is a podcast" A podcast is a downloadable mp3 file that is produced by a variety of media sources, ranging from private individuals to major media outlets like the BBC and CNN. In Europe and America, every major radio station has a range of shows available on podcast. What is more, so do newspapers and magazines. Most of the bigger papers and magazines also make video podcasts that you can download and watch on your PMP, your P2P, and even your mobile phone.

The point is that "multimedia" is no longer some fancy word that trendy business types can drop into conversations in most of the world. It has moved on from being a mot chic to being full-on reality. Media is no longer defined by the stuffy boundaries it encased itself in back in the previous century. Back then, a newspaper was a newspaper, a magazine was a magazine. All the print media ever needed was a roomful of journalists punching away at typewriters while photographers roamed the streets looking for a front page shot. Now, things have changed. If your web site looks cheap and unprofessional, you can forget about making any real kind of money. Advertising salespeople have seen the worth of Internet advertisements go sky high, while the amount of money companies are prepared to pay for print ads has plummeted.

Rich, diverse digital contents are an absolute must. Those titles which have refused to change with the times have either dropped out of existence or are now dying slow deaths. People no longer want to buy newspapers and magazines in the same quantity as before. They have Naver news at work, why should they shell out for a 700 Won newspaper on their way in to the office Although the real heavy hitters in the Korean print media are slowly starting to incorporate video contents on their sites, progress here is too slow. In the West, the media has progressed, encompassing all manner of advances: audio podcasts, video podcasts, content for mobile phones, RSS feeds. Most Koreans do not understand what these terms even mean. Korea markets itself as a "technological wonderland". This is a good way for it to help raise its international profile, especially among the consumers of expensive televisions, computer chips and high-range domestic electronics, this country's most costly exports.

However, the fact remains that there are too many pockets of IT that the rest of the world has been using for quite some time, but Koreans have not even broken the seal on. Too many people in Korean technology are prepared to say "Koreans like to do things their own way", or "Korean culture means that people are not comfortable with this or that technology". This simply cannot go on being the case. Multimedia and cross-platform technology is still undeveloped in Korea, yet we are already galloping ahead with convergence and even ubiquitous technology well before we are ready to do so. Korea is getting too far ahead of itself in its efforts to stay at the head of the IT money-making race. We need to go back and fill in those potholes of IT ignorance in media, and other aspects of life. Let us take stock of what is going on around us before we rush in where angels fear to tread. You can start by downloading our podcast today. If it is your first time, welcome to the future.

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