Jejoong Medical Draws Attention for Electrical Operative Equipment ‘ZATHA’
Jejoong Medical Draws Attention for Electrical Operative Equipment ‘ZATHA’
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Jejoong Medical Draws Attention for Electrical Operative Equipment ‘ZATHA’
WONJU, KOREA — Medical equipment specialized company, Jejoong Medical is drawing attention for its electrical operative equipment ‘ZATHA series.’ ZATHA and ZATHA-S is a PPS (Patient Protection System) electrical operative equipment applies over 1,000 per second of micro-pulse detection technology to detect the contact status between return pad and the patient in order to protect against the risk of burn.
Especially, it minimized the carbonization of skin tissue which is the weakness of the existing electrical operative equipment during operation through independent development and adoption of world’s first ACW (Arc-Controlled Waveform), and was developed to minimize the secondary bleeding by electrode tips.
ZATHA series is a product suited to general surgical operation, endoscope, and celioscope, and can be used at general surgery clinic, orthopedic clinic, neurosurgery clinic, otolaryngology clinic, dermatology clinic, and veterinary clinic.

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