2012 Korea Imagine Cup Final- Why Didn't I Think of That?
2012 Korea Imagine Cup Final- Why Didn't I Think of That?
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Let IT Bee

SEOUL, KOREA — The Korea Final- Imagine Cup 2012 was held at the University of Incheon, South Korea on March 30. During this event, young Korean IT finalists competed for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Sydney, Australia to participate in the Imagine Cup. Many students presented their new creations for the “ideal app.” One app introduced was an app to find your lost child. Another device featured was a special chair that supported the back, and spinal alignment. Although these creations were outstanding, only one team could walk away with the prize.

And the winner is….

Local university students came up with an idea for bee farmers, and dubbed their app “Let IT Bee.” This app is designed to support bee farmers and local businesses. This app easily records details of inspections and manipulations, records treatments and feeding, tracks colony temperament, and records honey harvests, including records of nectar sources and batch codes. This idea proved to be the most superior to the other applications.

What is the Imagine Cup

The Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft. This event brings young IT minds together from across the globe to help resolve some of the world's toughest challenges. This event was started in 2003 and has steadily grown with more than 358,000 competitors representing 183 countries and regions. This year’s theme is: ‘Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.’  The Imagine Cup is held in different cities every year. This year, it will be held in Sydney, Australia from July 6-10.

Microsoft will utilize the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge.  In fact, the Xbox 360 Kinect technology will be the first time this feature will be used. Competing students have been asked to consider how to use this technology in relation to the 2012 theme.

Two new Challenges for the Imagine Cup 2012 focus on use of the Windows Metro Style App and Kinect Fun Labs software; interactive and cloud technologies. A spokesperson from Microsoft noted that “once the Windows phone was released, 48 percent of Imagine Cup entrants last year used the technology, where 32 percent opted for Azure software.”

Two representatives who attended the Korea finals were Lutz Ziob and Andrew Parsons (Microsoft, Germany) and Andrew Parsons (Microsoft, Australia). They encouraged the youth to be involved in the IT industry. They stated that “over the years they have seen many creative ideas by students, a large majority being Korean students. They mentioned key figures that got their start at an early age: Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory. Steve Jobs started Apple in the garage of his parent’s house at age 19. And of course, Bill Gates, founded Microsoft at age 20. What do all of these IT gurus have in common They were all under the age of 25 when they got their start, as are most of contestants in the Imagine Cup.

During a press interview with Lutz Ziob and Andrew Parsons they were asked several questions concerning the Imagine Cup and how this will benefit the future of these creative young people.

Q: What are the future benefits for young people who participate in the Imagine Cup

A: Young students can get their start at a young age by creating their own ideas and technologies. The Imagine Cup is designed to foster such creativity encourages students to give 100% in their idea and everything else they want to achieve. Once students graduate from high school and college, and list the Imagine Cup on their resume, they are more likely to be accepted by a university or offered a job based on their participation in the Imagine Cup.

Q: You mentioned (Lutz Ziob) that young women have less of an interest in IT than young men. How can we encourage ladies to “go tech”

A: IT is a key enabler of business process efficiency, which enhances national competitiveness. The only way nations can compete in exports is to be smarter, and that is the domain of science & technology. The IT industry needs more women; therefore we need parents and teachers to be telling young girls and women that IT is an exciting and rewarding career that they should seriously consider.

Q: Do Imagine Cup sponsors discourage the use of violent video games Are violent games allowed in the Imagine Cup

A: Participants in the Imagine Cup must only use games that are rated T (teenager) and younger. Children, young and older, should be able to play the games and use apps in the Imagine Cup. Although Microsoft does not advocate violence, we feel that parents and guardians are responsible for the games their children play.

Q: What final advice would you give participants for the Imagine Cup

Trust your skill and ability. Know your product and believe in your product. Make sure that it is something everyone can benefit from well.

The two representatives emphasized how IT can help people from the largest metropolitan areas to the world’s remotest villages. They emphasized that people should never stop learning or being curious. They remind students that they are the future of not only Korea but their world. And it all begins with one idea…


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