Jeonju Hanjeongsik Goes Global
Jeonju Hanjeongsik Goes Global
  • Lee Jeong-yoon
  • 승인 2012.04.07 13:55
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"Jeollado Food Stroy" Hanjeonsik restaurant

JEONJU, KOREA — In the old days, people used to say that food in Jeonju has “Gae-mi”. This Jeollado dialect refers to a specific special taste that sets itself apart from the others. That is to say, “the taste is unique in that the more you chew the better it gets.”


Jeollado is an area with high mountains and broad fields. It is quite close to the ocean, which provides abundant natural resources. These foods are naturally rich in vitamins and were the main diet for nobles and powerful families who once dwelled in the region. Thus, they were led to create Hanjeongsik(Korean full course meal).


Jeonju has become the household name for tasty food. Jeonju’s Hanjeongsik has a variety of different dishes which are considered to be “comfort food.” They contain different factors that bring happiness to our eyes, mouth and body. First, these foods are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and contribute to the health of our eyes and body. They also have a unique but delicious taste that makes our mouth happy.


Being worthy of its title “a taste of home,“ is thanks to its traditional and generation-to-generation Jeonju Hanjeongsik. The “Jeollado Food Story” Hanjeongsik restaurant( is enjoying its seemingly overnight fame. Jeollado Food Story is working hard to develop new dishes in order to offer more different tastes that people cannot experience at other restaurants.


“I wanted everyone to experience Jeonju Hanjeongsik’s exceptional flavor.” Kim Kwan Soo, CEO of Jeollado Food Story and Chair over the Association for the Development of Jeonju Hanjeongsik is passing on the spirit of Jeonju Hanjeongsik by creating a food menu that would attract and satisfy people’s appetite while keeping traditional savor intact.


Mr. Kim, chair over the Association for the Development of Jeonju Hanjeongsik is confident enough to promise that “Jeonju Hanjeongsik is the best in its class. My goal is to spread Jeonju Hanjeongsik all over the world. “Mr. Kim is a savvy businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. He continues to run own restaurant with “taste, hygiene, and kindness” in mind. He is also actively giving back to his community with special regional products.

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