Interview with Gangnam-gu Mayor Kwon Moon-Yong
Interview with Gangnam-gu Mayor Kwon Moon-Yong
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Q: As a way of satisfying the citizen's needs and strengthen the competitiveness of local government, you have put priority to the early establishment of e-government. Could you briefly explain about your efforts for e-government
A: As you have mentioned, the early establishment of Internet-based administration system is one of the key factors in satisfying citizen's needs and strengthening the competitiveness of Gangnamgu local government. As a result of our efforts for early informatization, last year the citizens have paid taxes of 201,6 billion won through Internet, and have handled 45% of civil affairs-related documents through Kiosk and Internet. To step up the use of computer, we have operated 40 regional information-intensive classrooms at the empty classrooms of schools in our district. And about 370,000 citizens have attended the class to learn computer and Internet annually. Moreover, in 2001 has introduced an e-mail questionnaire system through Internet in order to reflect the citizen's opinions on the budgeting from the beginning stage. As time goes on, more and more foreign countries come to visit our office to learn about our e-government system. Last year alone, 556 persons from 35 countries have visited and studied our case of egovernment. Based on our successful system, we are now preparing to introduce Ubiquitous-technology to our administration services. From now on, citizens will use not only Internet, but also PDA, mobile phone, and TV in handling civil affairs. Q: We would like to hear your business plan and ambition. A: Along with the advancement of FTA (Free Trade Agreement) and DDA (Doha Development Agenda), our economy has to undergo borderless and bloody competition. To succeed and overcome this tough reality, we must have a business-oriented mind, and especially the leader of an organization needs to have the mindset like a CEO. In this sense, I believe that Gangnam-gu has taken the lead in responding to the rapidly changing world. From now on, I will put more priority to making our district more comfortable, ecological, and high-tech one.

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