Bag Sealing Technology, ANYLOCK
Bag Sealing Technology, ANYLOCK
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Unfortunately, many of us spend a lot of money on wasted food. If it's not used within a determined time period, perishable foods will spoil, rot and certainly cannot be eaten. How can we prevent food from going to waste and flushing our money down the toilet The solution would be to get a vacuum sealer to preserve your food.

Mr. WooGak Choi is the CEO of Daesung Hi-Tech.  This company is a leading manufacturer for processed machine parts. These days, it is stirring up the international market scene with “ AnyLock,” a simple, stylish and savvy sealing device for various types of bags. It is specially designed to keep food safely sealed to prevent air from penetrating, and keeping what they contain inside fresh and intact.

CEO Choi says, “When you look at the overall volume, it may seem like a small device. But, PURINA is just one of the giant corporations purchasing ANYLOCK now.” PURINA is the No. 1 pet food supplier in the U.S. “AnyLock is getting many positive reviews in Japan and Europe. We are expecting to sell it in over 100 countries in the next 10 years.”


Daesung Hi-Tech’s ANYLOCK

With a name like “Daesung Hi-Tech,” it does not seem like the type of company to produce such a household item.  One explanation lies in Mr. Choi’s curiosity for developing new and innovative products that are useful for everyone.

Back in 2002, his intensive interest in invention led him to discover AnyLock technology at a business meeting. He then decided to buy it right then and there. In 2004, the company started its first production line and found buyers in 25 different countries. In 2008, they earned the KOTRA Seal of Excellence.

AnyLocks for Kitchen come in various shapes and sizes to preserve you apple as tomorrow’s afternoon snack or leftovers from last night’s dinner.

Ms. Lee from Jeju is using AnyLock for her large snack bag “My week-old my chips taste new”. Even Korea’ Kimchi cannot escape AnyLock. Ms. Byeon is using it for his small Kimchi bag: “Any Lock is an excellent device to contain foods’ strong smell.”.

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AnyLock also helps housewives neatly organize their kitchen. It is simple-just apply AnyLock to any bag, and see how much space is saved in your fridge!

Mr. Choi is also aiming at the Korean market by saying, “this current development will push us forward to market AnyLock not only overseas but here in Korea.” You can find more information at


Daesung Hi-Tech has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009. 


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