Building Tomorrow’s Civilization: Daewoo Industrial
Building Tomorrow’s Civilization: Daewoo Industrial
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Asphalt Mixing Plants_Roadstar

Harmonic Progress

Referring to his company as “being responsible for ‘harmonic progress’ ”, CEO Mr. Gwon Sang Tae explains “we think about the ‘Road of Tomorrow‘. Building and connecting roads have united people, and from there, our civilization has progressed to where we are now. In the future, our children’s generation will use the same roads.”  

Daewoo Industrial took such an oath in 1989 as a manufacturer for construction plants. Since then, they have been fulfilling duties and contributing to ‘harmonic progresses’ by installing Asphalt mixing plants, Concrete batching plants, etc, around the world.

There are new production facilities that are capable of producing high quality industrial machines, iron structures, and other environmental facilities, which meet customers’ expectations.


The Best After-Service System

CEO Gwon was quite vocal when he spoke of “customers” in a proud manner.

 “Speaking of the best After-Service system, Daewoo Industrial is on top of its game. Many of our plants are in constant need of maintenance and repair due to its abrasive nature. We also provide a prompt and proper response to meet our customer’s needs.”

With its fully running 24-hour A/S system, they certainly give their customers a reason to smile! The company has been putting an emphasis on cultivating manpower to create “service engineers.” This way, Daewoo Industrial can responsibly provide optimal services to a number of events happening at plants all over the world.


Concrete batching plant

Daewoo Industrial Plants

With over 20 years of experience, Daewoo Industrial is proud of their “Asphalt mixing plants”. This trailer-like structure requires relatively less space for its minimum installation and is specifically designed for the markets in Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. The plant is internationally registered and recognized for its better quality, with a variety of ranges from 40 ton/H to 400 ton/H.

From an outsiders’ first glance, it may appear like a typical building. The “Concrete batching plant” can be the most effective stationary plant since it offers a clean working environment. There’s few dust, no noise, and no waste materials. The high quality level of the mixing quality in such a short time is the result of Daewoo Industrial’s decades of technology and experiences. It applications are best suitable to large infrastructure projects such as airports, dams, and buildings. You can find more at


Daewoo Industrial has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.


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