A Backpack for High Heeled Shoes, Unveiled
A Backpack for High Heeled Shoes, Unveiled
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Joyheel Bag of IBNIA-Backpack for High Heeled Shoes

SEOUL, KOREA — “Shall I wear flat shoes or high heeled shoes when I go to office”

Ms. Joy, who works as a designer at EA, a renowned U.S.-based game company, had to agonize over shoes before leaving for the office in the morning of the day when she had a dinner appointment in the evening. While flat shoes are convenient in the office, she needed to wear high heeled shoes for the evening appointment. In that case, she used to carry high heeled shoes to the office in a shopping bag, but that was very inconvenient and troublesome.

She eventually told her problem to a design team at IBNIA, a global bag brand, and IBNIA developed a new type of backpack to solve her problem. And the company named it ‘Joyheel bag,’ combining her name with the term, high heel.

The most noticeable point of this eye-catching bright red color bag is that it has a separate storage space in its upper part for carrying high heeled shoes or flat shoes flexibly as needed. And other designs that strike the eyes are a smooth side line that suggests bodyline of a woman, a space for a notebook, and straps specially designed for the convenience of the shoulders -- even when carrying for hours.

As an amalgamation of IBNIA's philosophy of resolving dissatisfaction of women, the Joyheel bag is breaking records in sales every day as orders and inquiries have flooded in since its launch throughout the world.

The brand for women ‘IBNIA’ has grown in this way as it resolved problems of young women around the world.

All products of IBNIA accommodate the wishes of women in many countries. Its first product was designed based on the question of Beatrice, a college student in the Netherlands: “Why is no backpack available for women” And each bag has stories that originated from women‘s dissatisfactions, such as “Why is there no pretty diaper bag”, “Why can’t women find a warm-feeling backpack” and “Why do all shoulder bags look the same”

Though it has not set up lineups with diversified designs like other bag brands, each product of IBNIA has stories why they had to be created. Moreover, these products had no difficulty in attracting the attention of women around the world, regardless of borders, since all of them are stories of today's women themselves.

Even though all designers at IBNIA are in their twenties, their ages did not hamper the growth of IBNIA. Their young ages rather provided ideal conditions for grasping what women in similar ages wanted.

Young members of the company have accomplished incredibly outstanding achievements, such as establishment of a store in the Netherlands; installation of a shop in Rakuten, the largest online mall in Japan; establishment of a global sales network via its Website (www.ibnia.com); and collaborations with popular entertainers in Korea and other Asian countries. During the period of slightly over one year since its launch, IBNIA rose as a brand of gaining more than tens of thousand dollars a month in sales, growing by 100% over the previous month.

Kim Eun-mi (26), Senior Designer at IBNIA, said, “In the global fashion market where huge capitals compete against each other, IBNIA was entirely different from others from the outset. We were frequently told that any company cannot succeed with little capital, but we could grow as today. More important than age or nationality is to grasp what women our age really need and to create products that can move their mind. We will contain stories of women of the world in each one of our products as we have done thus far, and we will accomplish much greater and astonishing achievements than before through this endeavor. Women's minds are same though their nationalities are different.”

Anyone can imagine that stories of these members of the company who are advancing toward the world will become more interesting in the future. For more information on IBNIA, please visit its Website(www.ibnia.com)

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